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Lighting at Licensed Venues | RMLV

RMLV Training Course Venue Lighting

RMLV: The environment in and around a licensed venue may impact on the venue’s safety. Lighting levels, set to create ambiance and character, should not compromise the safety of patrons and staff. The provision of adequately lit, well-appointed and maintained facilities is a way of:   Encouraging Good Patron Behaviour Deterring Unnecessary and Unwanted Incidents […]

Hiring a Security Firm at Your Licenced Venue | RMLV

RLMV training course for venue managers

Hiring a security firm is an important factor for licensees and approved managers – RMLV. To create a diverse and competitive pool of applicants, advertise the opportunity and request written applications. The application can then be examined to establish the character, reputation, experience and qualifications of the firm and each partner/director as a provider of security […]

RSA Online Certificate: Things To Keep In Mind Before Talking To An Intoxicated Patron

rsa online

We all know from our own personal experiences that it can be difficult to communicate with intoxicated patrons, as they struggle to focus and hold a conversation. This is one of the main reasons to complete the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certification Course with CTA Training Specialists. Before dealing with, and communicating with an […]