Hospitality Senior Executive Leadership Training Program

A good leader not only understands and thinks about the business, but also monitors teams
and develops individuals. In every restaurant, and business, there is often one level of
operational managers who are overlooked in terms of leadership development, but who requires high levels
of support and attention to ensure effective operations.

Senior Management Development Program

Our course responds to many years of discussions with GMs, CEOs and senior management, many of whom say that standards fall apart when they are not on the premises. Our program is delivered over twelve months, with one contact day per month. The delivery is conducted with our senior CTA facilitator delivering a supportive approach with your management team. We will also arrange key industry specialists to assist in the delivery of several units, to provide the leaner an enriched experience. The core of the program is the preparation and delivery of projects per module, addressing key actionable items against the operational needs of your business. They are structured to encourage participants to implement solutions as part of their daily management roles.

Senior Management Development Program Subject to Options


Your management team will emerge from this program with a refreshed attitude to what their position entails, as well as increased skills in:


Versatility: Understand Theories and Concepts Applicable in Managing Organisational Performance, Resource Allocation, Management of People and Leading Organisations


Think Proactively and Not Reactively: Develop Long-Term Vision, Goals and Direction for Organisations and Develop Strategies to Deliver the Goals


Improve Problem Solving: Use and Manage Knowledge and Evidence Critically to Solve Problems and Develop Actionable Solutions


Communicate More Effectively and Motivate Staff for Positive Outcomes


Lead by Example: Provide Effective and Ethical Leadership