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RMLV Special Promotion for Only $300!


Did you know that you can do or renew your RMLV with CTA for only $300*? Available through face-face or video conference, you can take your pick from the training session on Thursday 14th or Tuesday 19th March. This offer is available for these dates only and numbers are limited so if you are looking […]

Lighting at Licensed Venues | RMLV

RSA online

RMLV: The environment in and around a licensed venue may impact on the venue’s safety. Lighting levels set to create ambiance and character should not compromise the safety of patrons and staff. The provision of adequately light, well-appointed and maintained facilities is a way of:   Encourage good patron behaviour Deterring unnecessary and unwanted incidents […]

Hiring a Security Firm at Your Venue | RMLV


Hiring a security firm is an important factor for licensees and approved managers – RMLV -.   To create a diverse and competitive pool of applicants, advertise the opportunity and request written applications. The application can then be examined to establish the character, reputation, experience and qualifications of the firm and each partner/director as a provider […]

RMLV Course: Banning patrons and risk management

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One of the objectives of the RMLV course (Responsible Management of Licensed Venues) training is to encourage licensees and approved managers to use risk management and self-audit processes for the continued safe and responsible operation of their business. A venue placing a ban on a person, when it can be justified, is a legitimate risk […]

What To Expect Before Completing Your RMLV Course

RMLV Course

Before completing an RMLV course, you may have a few questions prior to the course, such as the training outline, date, time, what to bring and when to expect your certificate. However, we have put together all the necessary information to help you prepare for your course before it begins.   About the training (Responsible […]

RMLV Training RED HOT Saturdays Special for Only $265!


Did you know that Club Training Australia is now offering RMLV training for only $265, available every second Saturday of the month in Indooroopilly? So if you are looking to complete your RMLV outside of your work hours or on a weekend, this special offer is the right one for you! We understand how busy […]

FAQ: Responsible Management of a Licensed Venue (RMLV)

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Mandatory Responsible Management of a Licensed Venue Training (RMLV) What is the Responsible Management of a Licensed Venue (RMLV) course? The ‘Responsible Management of a Licensed Venues (RMLV) course is a mandatory requirement for licensees (if individuals) and approved managers. RMLV training may also be required for permit holders under certain circumstances. The Club Training Australia RMLV course is […]

RSA Online Certificate: Things To Keep In Mind Before Talking To An Intoxicated Patron

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We all know from our own personal experiences that it can be difficult to communicate with intoxicated patrons, as they struggle to focus and hold a conversation. Before dealing and communicating with an intoxicated patron, there are some key steps to keep in mind, these include: Always show patience and respect to the person you […]

Hospitality Staff Training Doesn’t Stop at RSA

Hospitality Staff Training doesnt stop at RSA

RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) training applies to most staff involved in the sale or supply of liquor. But is this enough? Responsible managers in licensed venues understand that staff training doesn’t stop at RSA and is essential to ensure that all staff members are delivering service in a consistent manner. This enables the licensee […]

Start your own Liquor Accord – Part 1

Before implementing your own Accord, it’s important to consider a variety of elements to ensure its success.  Seeking legal advice on the implementations of trade practices laws and other requirements is a great first step before adopting liquor Accord strategies.  Keep reading to find out more about the basics in starting a liquor Accord.