Hostplus Leadership Institute (HLI): Developing Successful Industry Leaders for 17 Years

This year The Hostplus Leadership Institute (HLI) will be celebrating its 17th year of developing students into managers and leaders for our Hospitality Industry.  In its infancy back in 2002 and 2003, it was originally named the Fosters Leadership Academy (FLA) and overtime sponsorship changed to the Club Super Leadership Institute (CSLI) and today it […]

Meet Our Team: CTA Hospitality Trainer Paul McKell

With 25 years of hospitality experience under his belt, Paul will soon be celebrating his 5-year anniversary as a CTA trainer! At heart, Paul has a passion for all things service and gaming. He thrives in people-focused settings and is dedicated to sharing his expertise with Australia’s next generation of hospitality superstars. To commemorate Paul’s […]

Training for Success at Bundaberg Services Club

CTA Training Specialists recently caught up with Jodie Harris, the General Manager from Bundaberg Services Club, to discuss Bundy’s innovation with school-based trainees! In an established club, the introduction of young talent can be critical for ongoing success and expansion. Bundaberg Services Club knows this full-well. The business’s continued partnership with CTA’s School-based Traineeship Program […]

The 5 Superpowers of Online Learning

In Australia’s dynamic and ever-changing Hospitality Industry, keeping up with the latest industry knowledge and skills is not only desired but essential. This is where online training shines. Online learning provides venues and students alike with key advantages, enabling continued growth, development, and success with both soft and hard skills. Unlike the sometimes-stagnant nature of […]

Recipe: Orange and Maple Glazed Turkey


Orange and Maple Glazed Turkey INGREDIENTS 300ml Orange juice 400gm Marmalade 300ml Maple syrup 8 rashers Bacon 1 Turkey breast METHOD Step 1 – Reduce orange juice, marmalade and maple syrup in a pan by half. Step 2 – Wrap turkey in bacon and then pour marinade over turkey. Step 3 – Cover and cook […]

Mornington Island’s Deadly Cooks

Earlier this year CTA Training Specialists commenced a new training program with Mornington Island State School called Deadly Cooks. CTA sent speciality hospitality trainer Matt Rollo to the island at various times during the year to help year 9 and 10 students complete a Certificate II in Hospitality. Matt was welcomed into the community with […]

Building Bright Futures

Since the release of the Boosting Apprenticeships package from the government, the team at CTA have been a flurry of activity helping students and venues build bright futures right across Queensland. In the past 3 months we have helped over 85 venues and placed 176 Trainees and Apprentices. We have put together some photos from over […]