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RMLV Strategies Part 1: Amenities and Patron Responsibility

It may be your responsibility as a licensee or manager to ensure your patrons receive high quality customer service, but did you know that your patrons must also meet their responsibilities when visiting your venue?  Here are some guidelines to help you determine what falls under the responsibility of the licensee and those of the […]

Principles of Liquor Accords

Establishing a liquor accord is a positive step to ensure the safety of your venue, maintain responsible service of alcohol and foster good relations within your local community.  However, before you commit to formulating a liquor accord it is important to develop set principles that must be promoted and implemented by all Accord Members.  Here […]

Ensuring the Responsible Service of Alcohol

Imagine this scenario: a new employee, Becky has just begun her first night shift at your venue.  She has spent a few weeks waitressing during the lunch shift, but you’re keen to give her some exposure to working at the bar during the evening.  At 9pm a group of young men starts to hassle her […]

Examples of Unacceptable Liquor Practices or Promotions

This blog outlines some examples of unacceptable liquor practices or promotions as detailed in the Liquor Regulation 2002 (Section 41). Ultimately, whether or not a promotion or practice is lawful will depend on how the actual promotion or practice is conducted by the licensee and their staff, whether the risks have been satisfactorily controlled, and […]

RMLV: Advertising Alcoholic Beverages Code of Practice

The Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code is designed to ensure that alcohol advertising will be conducted in a manner which neither conflicts with nor detracts from the need for responsibility and moderation in liquor merchandising and consumption, and which does not encourage consumption by underage persons.