Hiring a Security Firm at Your Licenced Venue | RMLV

Hiring a security firm is an important factor for licensees and approved managers – RMLV.

To create a diverse and competitive pool of applicants, advertise the opportunity and request written applications. The application can then be examined to establish the character, reputation, experience and qualifications of the firm and each partner/director as a provider of security services.

Ask and check character and employment references, an outline of their security experience and other employment history as well as industry and other educational qualifications.

Check the current legal status and professional approach to business matters, such as:

  • Company incorporation and business name certificates, and list of directors
  • Current security provider licences, Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA), security training certificates, thorough ID checking of security staff
  • Workplace policies and practices, work cover and public liability insurance
  • Premises, facilities and work environment
  • Understanding of and commitment to the Security Providers Code of Practice and the Crowd Controllers Code of Practice.

Confirm the capacity of the firm to provide you with suitable crowd controllers including:

  • Details of their recruitment strategy and their current staffing levels
  • Process used for validating the identity of staff
  • Their ability and procedures for providing last minute replacements
  • What initial and ongoing security training is given
  • The training content and professional and ethical standards set for staff
  • Whether their training is consistent with the Crowd Controllers Code of Practice.

Responsible venue managers take the time to thoroughly check the skills, qualifications, experience and professional reputation of a security firm before engaging their services.

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