Lighting at Licensed Venues | RMLV

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RMLV: The environment in and around a licensed venue may impact on the venue’s safety. Lighting levels set to create ambiance and character should not compromise the safety of patrons and staff.

The provision of adequately light, well-appointed and maintained facilities is a way of:


  • Encourage good patron behaviour
  • Deterring unnecessary and unwanted incidents
  • Becoming more efficient in the use of security resources


Lighting  should be complementary to CCTV coverage and should be adversely impact on its efficient operation. Modify the layout of any part of the venue not conducive to normal surveillance. Develop a maintenance program that addresses issues in and about the venue that are problematic to a safe environment. Conduct a periodical safety audit that includes premises layout, facilities and maintenance.


It is important that lighting throughout a licensed venue should be sufficient at all times for accurate observation and assessment of levels of intoxication. It is also helpful in observing patrons activities and interaction with staff. For more information regarding Responsible Management of a Licenses venue. Click here.