Meet the Team: Nathan Godel

Meet Nathan: Our Multifaceted Assistant Administration Officer

At CTA, we believe that every member of our team brings a unique set of skills and interests to the table. Nathan, our Assistant Administration Officer, is no exception. His diverse background and vibrant personality make him an invaluable part of our organization.

Celebrating 1 year with the organisation’s busiest department, the Student Services Team, Nathan is an all rounder! No 2 days are ever the same as Nathan often jumps from task to task! Whether it be helping to guide a worried parent or student through something, assisting our trainers with anything they need or assisting any member of the team with a random question, Nathan is always there to lend a hand to assist!

A diverse work history has complimented Nathan’s knowledge of the training sector

Nathan’s journey in the workplace has taken him across diverse industries, including a stint as an apprentice chef in Gympie. While he ultimately decided that the culinary world wasn’t his calling, his passion for cooking never waned. He enjoys whipping up nutritious and delectable meals, putting his culinary skills to good use outside of the kitchen. When asked what Nathan’s favourite meal is, his passion for bold, intricate flavours seeped through as he answered Karage Chicken with soy sauce.

A taste for adventure & his outlook for the future of hospitality

When Nathan isn’t hard at work, you can often find him engaged in one of his many interests. To unwind and reduce stress, he’s an avid gamer and enjoys listening to fantasty audiobooks. Diving into virtual worlds to conquer challenges and explore new realms helps him escape from the hustle and bustle of his busy days with CTA. His adventurous spirit isn’t limited to just the gaming and literary world, Nathan’s passion for indoor rock climbing and golf takes him outdoors for a taste of real-world excitement.

Those with a real passion for delivering exceptional experiences are keeping the hospitality industry performing at such a high level. Nathan’s infectious optimism for the future of hospitality is rooted in his belief that passionate Chefs and front-of-house professionals are keeping the industry’s dream alive. At CTA, he’s found a team that shares his enthusiasm for providing the stepping stones to train the hospitality superstars of tomorrow!

Nathan thrives in the fast-paced and ever-changing atmosphere at CTA. He loves that no two days are alike and that every moment offers an opportunity to learn and grow. His ability to multitask and adapt is a testament to his dedication to making a positive impact on the team and our clients.

In Nathan, CTA has found not just an Assistant Administration Officer, but a dynamic, multitalented team member who embodies our commitment to excellence. Listen out for Nathan next time you give the CTA office a call, and we have no doubt that you will end the call with some new found pep in your step, thanks to Nathan’s infectious positivity!

The CTA team wishes Nathan a very happy 1 year work anniversary!