Buffs Club’s unveils their exciting new addition: Sports HQ

Buff’s Club Unveils Exciting Renovation: Welcome to Sports HQ!

In a much-anticipated development, Buff’s Club has recently undergone a stunning transformation, breathing new life into their beloved establishment.

On her recent trip to Mt Isa, CTA Training Specialist’s Business Development Manager, Aletia Ramscar, was fortunate to stop in for a visit to view the incredible transformation and hear more about the process from General Manager Karen Graham.

The iconic old bar, once known as Bluetongues, has been reborn as “Sports HQ,” a vibrant hub that promises an exhilarating experience for sports enthusiasts and entertainment seekers alike.

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Scroll through the image gallery to see the amazing work completed by the Buffs Club team for their new Sports HQ Bar

Cutting-Edge Virtual Games & Innovation

One of the most exciting additions to Sports HQ is the incorporation of cutting-edge virtual games. Here, patrons can immerse themselves in an array of virtual experiences, including golf simulators and electronic darts…just to name a few of the many activities there is to enjoy in this space!

The renovation has breathed new life into the seating area and bar, creating a comfortable and inviting space where members and guests can relax, socialise and enjoy major sporting events on the big screen!


Sports HQ at Buff’s Club is not just a renovation; it’s a commitment to serving the community’s diverse interests. With the reception area undergoing renovations currently, Aletia mentioned that she cannot wait to head back to Mt Isa to view the next round of renovations and to see the club transform into a new space!

Whether you’re an avid gamer, a sports enthusiast, or simply looking for a welcoming place to unwind and socialize, Sports HQ has something special to offer.