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Supporting students achieving excellence, strength and resilience through Greenbank Services Club’s $50,000 Bursary Program

bursary 3

8 of the finalists selected from Marsden State School with (back row left to right):

Kylie Steinhardt (Assistant Principal Marsden State High School), CTA Training Specialists’ Head of Training Jason McIlroy, GM of Greenbank RSL Tim Wright,  & Experience Manager Heidi Stone.

Image credit: Greenbank Services Club

Supporting the community for over 30+ years, Greenbank Services Club is showing no signs of slowing down. In December 2022 through to February 2023, Greenbank Services Club held a voting competition where applicants from six schools in the community were chosen by members of the club. This program is known as ‘Together We Rise,’ a $50,000 bursary program implemented by the club to invest in the future of the Logan community.

Not only has this remarkable program been a key factor in continuing the club’s investment into their local community, but the club has also engaged their members to take part in the finalist selection process in a few ways including purchasing tickets into meat tray raffles, purchasing selected products in the club’s food, beverage and bingo outlets, and by donating towards the initiative. With almost $140,000 raised since 2022 for the initiative, the club’s members have come together to not only support the individuals, but in the future of their community.

The four successful schools selected by club members were announced and received $3000 in February 2023. Each of the successful schools put forth 8 candidates who displayed 1 of 2 key qualities, academic excellence or strength and resilience, celebrating the unique stories and achievements of the finalist pool.

bursary 5

The selection panel for Greenbank Services Club’s $50,000 Bursary Program from left to right: Jason McIlroy (CTA), Heidi Stone and Joel Fernandez (GSC)

Image Credit: Greenbank Services Club

The interview process to select the major recipients of the bursary program was conducted in early September, with the interview panel including members of the management team for Greenbank Services Club and CTA Training Specialists’ Head of Training, Jason McIlroy.

Although honoured to be a part of the panel and meet these inspiring young members of the Logan and surrounding community, Jason mentioned that the process of selecting the five major recipients has been anything but easy:

“I must admit the whole process has been an amazing experience for me personally, at times emotional due to the varying student backgrounds, stories in which they shared along with the positive outcomes of potentially receiving a bursary for not only themselves but for the charities they chose as well. The task of producing 5 “winners” was extremely difficult as there were many that were equally deserving.”

Each of the 32 outstanding students will receive $500 towards their future education, with four runners up receiving an additional $2000 for themselves and $2000 for their chosen charity. One overall winner will be selected, receiving a $3000 prize for themselves and an additional $3000 towards their school.

With the presentation ceremony approaching on the 20th of October, the CTA team have been honoured to be a part of this initiative and are looking forward to celebrating all the finalists’ and their achievements.

By recognizing both academic excellence and resilience, Greenbank Services Club are not only investing in the future of these young future leaders but are providing an example for others in the community to inspire to be and make a difference in their own way.