Unveiling Our Culinary Superstars: Meet Bernadette

We are thrilled to welcome Bernadette to the CTA Training Specialists family, where her culinary expertise and passion for teaching will undoubtedly elevate our training programs. As a highly qualified and experienced Chef, Bernadette brings a wealth of knowledge in both Commercial Cookery and Hospitality.
Throughout her illustrious career, Bernadette has overseen a variety of hospitality services, restaurant operations, and kitchen functions. Her culinary creations are not just delicious but also showcase a dedication to quality, nutrition, and aesthetics. With advanced cooking and kitchen skills, she possesses a strong leadership style that motivates and empowers teams.
Bernadette’s journey has taken her through several five-star hotels across Australia, where she honed her skills in various kitchen departments, including the patisserie kitchen – her favorite. Her experiences crafting everything from handmade bread to intricate pastries and life-size Gingerbread Houses have shaped her love for cooking pastry and bread. Bernadette was also a part of the venue team responsible for earning their very first hat. Notably, this is the only venue in Queensland that has retained their two-hat status for over 15 years!
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Now, as a Commercial Cookery Trainer and Assessor at CTA Training Specialists, Bernadette aims to share her extensive knowledge with aspiring chefs. She has a keen focus on training apprentices in essential skills, particularly emphasizing the use of unique produce available in Far North Queensland. Her goal is to impart classical techniques with a tropical twist, creating a culinary experience that reflects the region’s distinct flavors.
When Bernadette isn’t in the kitchen, she cherishes moments with her family, reveling in the joy of good food, drinks, and laughter. Her partner, a skilled Italian cook, adds a touch of culinary magic to their time together.
Pumpkin and sage ravioli with burnt butter and chocolate souffle cake are two of Bernadette’s favorite dishes to cook. She shares her culinary wisdom, highlighting the importance of mastering techniques to perfect these seemingly simple yet intricate recipes.
Beyond the kitchen, Bernadette envisions a positive shift in Australia’s perception of food. She advocates for a move away from cheap convenience food towards appreciating whole foods, aligning with the traditions of Italy and France. Her insights into the future of hospitality in Australia emphasize the need for skilled chefs who can offer unique and exclusive dishes.
Bernadette’s journey isn’t short of amusing anecdotes, including cooking for the son of Colonel Gaddafi under the watchful eyes of armed guards—a nerve-racking experience indeed.

We are thrilled to have Bernadette on our team, and we look forward to her enriching contributions to the culinary education landscape at CTA Training Specialists. Welcome aboard, Bernadette!