Overcoming the Cost-of-Living Challenge by Crafting Great Customer Experiences

How many times have you gone to finalise a transaction for a customer, only to be met with a, “wait…how much is that?!” usually followed by a scoff or an eyeroll to really deliver the final blow. Can you count on two hands how many customers have argued with your waitstaff over an error with their meal…even after the problem has been resolved?

Whilst less than desirable customer interactions have always been something Hospitality Professionals are well versed in managing, the cost-of-living crisis has led to an increase in this negative behaviour across the hospitality and retail sectors. Financial comparison site, Finder, has revealed that Aussies have been facing an extreme cost-of-living crisis since October 2023.

To put the public reaction to the current crisis into perspective, Woolworths Supermarket recently issued a statement to their 14.5 million Everyday Rewards members reminding consumers to treat their staff with respect, rather than abuse whilst navigating the market throughout this period of increased costs.

Amongst the numerous doom and gloom stories of people doing it tough all around the country, the reality of the current situation is that consumers still want to enjoy life’s little luxuries where they can, particularly when it comes to celebrating special events. So how can your venue push through the crisis with the goal of increasing consumer spend, decrease poor behaviour and encourage return visits?

finder march

Source: Finder.com.au | March 2024 data

Customers still want to splash a bit of cash when times are tough, but where are they choosing to spend their hard-earned dollars?

We know that the battle for market share in the hospitality game is fiercer than ever, with consumer dollars becoming scarcer and scarcer. Research by Allianz showed that whilst consumers are cutting back on what they consider to be luxuries, such as coffee, takeaway and dining out, people are still craving a feeling of adventure or escape. Just look at the highly anticipated (and highly priced) sold out tours of Taylor Swift and Coldplay heading to the Australia in 2024.

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In late 2023, the Commonwealth Bank’s Consumer Insights report revealed what the main driver for customers is to return to a hospitality venue. The result was much simpler than you might think…friendly and knowledgeable staff.

The report also showed that customers have the highest expectations for hospitality workers when considering product knowledge and training. For instance, 98% of consumers expect hospitality staff to be well trained and knowledgeable, whereas DIY and Hardware store employees followed closely in second place with a 97% rating. An almost unfair comparison when you think about the implications a poor DIY choice can have in comparison to an incorrect side of potato being served.
Albeit a bit unfair, the statistics emphasise how vital it is for Hospitality providers to ensure every member of your team is well trained in a range of essential skills! That’s where CTA Training Specialists (RTO Code 31607) can help!

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