Gambling Harm Minimisation: How Healthy is your Venue?

The gaming industry has long been in the spotlight by various media outlets and political parties for providing and endorsing gambling outlets, often bearing the brunt of much criticism and negatively geared headlines. Despite the numerous resources and programs Clubs have in place to support their local community, initiatives taken by Clubs and other venues that offer gambling facilities are often fast forgotten if it comes at the cost of a provocative headline. Considering the increased financial strain placed on consumers in recent times, pressure on the industry has continued to grow and offer yet another avenue to savvy journalists to create a click worthy headline.

As highlighted in a 2023 report from ABC News, EGM losses rose steadily this past financial year accounting for $3.2 billion in Queensland with media outlets placing the onus on venues to safeguard their communities from gambling losses. This, coupled with headline-making policies like those implemented recently by The Star Entertainment Group to limit gambling time for their members, underscores the significant pressure being placed on industry leaders to act and ensure operators are advocating for safer gambling practices.

A report released this February by the Queensland Audit Office, revealed that the Department of Justice and Attorney General “had not conducted targeted state-based research for over 9 years,” increasing the risk that the state’s current harm minimisation plan and initiatives have not been designed with Queenslanders at the forefront of decision making.

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In collaboration with Clubs Queensland and CTA Training Specialists, we are pleased to reaffirm our commitment to minimising gambling-related harm within our industry and continue to promote safer gambling in community Clubs. Recognising that it is our collective responsibility to ensure that venues are equipped with the tools and knowledge to prioritise customer care and well-being.  

To assist venues with ensuring gambling facilities are compliant with the most recent legislation, policies and Queensland’s Responsible Gambling Code of Practice, CTA Training Specialists are now offering Safer Gambling Venue Health Check packages. Our training packages are designed with your customers’ needs as a priority and are tailored to identify upskilling opportunities for your team. Our Safer Gambling Venue Health Checks can provide you with the most recent and accurate information regarding all aspects of Club compliance. Additionally, training your team to ensure your venue is actively fostering a safe and enjoyable gambling environment.

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This includes: 

  • Consultation with an industry professional to receive guidance regarding steps of mandatory compliance.
  • A venue walkaround with your team, designed to train them to ensure standards are meeting the requirements of the current 6 (six) practices categories outlined in the code of practice, and empower them to action any future changes to policy independently. 
  • Materials that will assist in effective management of maintaining compliance standards.


Join the ranks of major Queensland Clubs who have already engaged CTA Training Specialists to upskill their team with a Safer Gambling Venue Health Check such as Greenbank Services Club, Jets Leagues Club, Burpengary Community Club, Hervey Bay RSL and Bribie RSL. Learn more about the latest addition to promoting a safer gambling environment and read more here, and give your venue a clean bill of health.   

Originally published in Clubs Queensland’s Club Insight Magazine April – May