Meet The Team: Nicole Huber

An amazing trainer and important part of the CTA team, let’s find out some more about the fabulous Nicole Huber!

Tell us a bit about yourself. (Interests, Hobbies)
I love doing things that are creative, depending on my mood. It could be cooking, reading a juicy novel, or dabbling in some painting. Of course, finding the spare time to do these things is another story! I try to fit it in where I can.
What has been your career journey to date?
I originally studied a Bachelor of Secondary Education and Bachelor of Visual Arts straight out of high school. I was in hospitality part time throughout my studies. After graduating, I taught for 3 ½ years before deciding it was not where I wanted to be (enjoyed the teaching but not the high school/ behavioural environment). I went back into hospitality and never left.
What encouraged you to enter the hospitality industry as a trainer and now in your current role?
I wanted to stay in hospitality as that’s where my experience and interest lies. It also allowed me to go back and utilise my teaching qualification.
If you can only eat one type of food for the rest of your life. What food would that be?
Anything that is carbohydrate-related. Lucky I’m not what I eat because I’d be a big walking loaf of bread.
What has been your favourite thing about the hospitality industry?
That no one day is the same. The social aspect is what I’ve always enjoyed- when you work with a great team and have happy customers, it motivates me and makes me look forward to coming to work.
What would you consider to be your hospitality superpower?
Believe it or not, I really enjoyed being across things that were related to compliance! As I moved up into management positions, I felt like I got a much better insight into all the pieces of the process and how much work goes into making a venue successful.
How would you describe the future of hospitality in Australia?
People are always going to want to go out to eat, connect, socialise and travel. There will always be opportunities in this industry.