It’s time to promote harmful gambling awareness!

Do you know the impact that working in gaming environments is having on your team? Do you know the full range of resources available to assist with starting the conversation that could change a life?

Gambling Harm Awareness Week (GHAW) is Monday July 24 to Sunday July 30, 2023. It’s a great time to start the conversation in your workplace about safe and unsafe gambling and the help that is available.

The theme of GHAW is promoting that we all have a role to play. A great way to learn how to initiate a conversation is by attending a Customer Liaison Officer (CLO) course with CTA Training Specialists, in conjunction with Relationships Australia. Throughout the course you’ll get to speak to Relationships Australia Community Liaisons that have firsthand experience of the negative impacts of harmful relationships. You will learn compliance requirements, and importance of understanding exclusion procedures, as well as best practice strategies that your venue can put in place to assist someone seeking assistance.

Not only do we need to focus on understanding the impacts of harmful gambling, but we need to highlight the importance of recognising signs that someone may be struggling with their gambling habits.

Does your team have up-to date knowledge on what signs they should be looking for? Is your team confident in speaking up when noticing these signs? RSG refresher courses and training videos provided by CTA Training Specialists are a great way to update your knowledge on Responsible Service of Gambling practices.

Jump onboard with educating you and others on the importance of starting those tough conversations, while promoting the resources and organisations available to assist a person with harmful gambling.

If you or your team are looking to refresh your RSG training, follow the link below and book in for online or in-house training today 

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