Meet The Team: Claire Grimes

A wonderful addition to the team, meet Claire Grimes, one of our amazing trainers and this month’s Meet The Team staff member. Let’s find out some more about Claire.

Tell us a bit about yourself. (Interests, Hobbies)

Other than working I love playing Hockey and being at the beach, these would easily be my two main hobbies!

What was your career journey prior to starting at CTA?

Before CTA I spent about 5 years in Clubs doing a variety of roles starting in Bars, TAB, and Gaming then moving into Promotions until making my way into a DM role. After that I went to work for an LMO where I spent a lot of time working with Site Controllers and Gaming Compliance all while getting the qualifications I needed to move into the Trainer role at CTA!

What encouraged you to enter the hospitality industry as a trainer?

Over the years in hospitality, I spent a lot of time doing courses mainly through CTA and I always thought the role of the trainers seemed great! It was a great career option to stay in the hospitality industry but transition more into a back of house role!

If you can only eat one type of food for the rest of your life. What food would that be?

It would have to be Mexican food, I love it!

What has been your favourite thing about the hospitality industry?

Easy question, the people!  From patrons to teammates, I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many people from all different walks of life and some of them will be friends for life!

What would you consider to be your hospitality superpower?

MMM.. hard question but I think the answer to this would be my interest in gaming and compliance. I’ve become really interested in gaming harm minimisation and I think that is going to be what powers me forward in the industry.

How would you describe the future of hospitality in Australia?

Australian hospitality has such a great place and culture in society, whether you are working in hospitality or a patron in hospitality it has the ability to be such a fun and inclusive environment. The future of hospitality in Australia, especially after the low of the last few years has so much room to grow and is so important to each individual suburb, town or community.