Commonly Asked Questions about the RMLV Training Course

The Responsible Management of a Licensed Venue certification, also known as the RMLV certificate, is a requirement for all prospective managers of licensed venues looking to work in the state of Queensland.

This means that anyone looking to work as a manager of any business that handles, sells, or serves alcohol in any capacity must have the RMLV certification to qualify for the position.One might wonder why such a requirement exists.

The reason for the RMLV requirement is due to the four pieces of legislation that govern the Queensland state’s alcohol management and availability. The legislation is as follows: the Liquor Act 1992, the Liquor Regulation 2002, the Wine Act 1994, and the Wine Regulation 1995.

This requirement is mandated by federal law, though there are peculiarities to the legislation that is enforced from one state to another. Any liquor-related business found to be operating without an RMLV-certified manager is legally liable, as they will be in direct violation of Queensland legislation.Below are some questions that are commonly asked regarding the RMLV training course.

For How Long is the RMLV Certificate Valid? The certification for the RMLV training is valid for three years to the date of the certification issuance. Ideally, the certificate holder must renew their certification before the expiry of their certification to continue operating or managing the licensed venue. If the certification has lapsed past the expiry period, another manager who is also RMLV-certified must be appointed/on shift.  

Which Certificates are Needed to be an Approved Manager? The RMLV QLD certification is a mandated requirement; businesses operating with a liquor license need to have at least one employee certified in RMLV acting in a managerial capacity to be permitted to operate legally. That being said, proprietors of businesses may require other training or certification at their discretion.

Where Can I Get More Information About RMLV? The Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation have official hotlines and websites that can be perused for enquiries regarding RMLV and other related training. Registered Training Organisations may also be asked regarding their course outlines and enrolment dates, as well as their available training locations.

How do I Enrol in an RMLV Training Course? The RMLV training course is only available through OLGR approved Registered Training Organisations (also known as RTOs). These RTOs can be found all over the state and may offer two methods of delivery, face-to-face courses and/or RMLV online training.

These questions are among the common enquiries that prospective managers seeking career advancement may ask regarding the RMLV and its training and certification.  For those looking to enrol in the RMLV training course, CTA Training Specialists are offering face-to-face and online training on selected dates across Queensland. Click here to see what’s available.