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Food Safety on Commercial Vessels – Part IV

When potentially hazardous foods are transported, they should be maintained colder than 5°C, or hotter than 60°C, during the journey. Alternatively, Food Safety Supervisors on charter vessels and commercial passenger service boats could use time, rather than temperature, to keep the food safe while it is transported.

Food Safety in Commercial Vessels – Part II

Operators of a charter vessels, passenger service or other commercial vessel businesses, which sell and/or handle food intended for sale, should seek advice specific to the design and fit out of the vessel as a food business from the local government’s environmental health officer.

Food Safety on Commercial Vessels – Part II

Commercial boats, including charter vessels and passenger services, that sell or handle food which will then be sold need to consider – the management of food at the time of purchase, how it will be transported to the vessel, and how it will be stored. Food Safety Supervisors must ensure that food is safe for […]

FAQ: Food Safety Programs

Do I need a food safety program? Under the Act, certain licensable food businesses in Queensland must have a food safety program accredited by their local government. There are significant penalties for not having an accredited food safety program. The licensee of a food business must have an accredited food safety program if: The food […]

Food premises and equipment – part II

This blog continues the discussion for Food Safety Supervisors on the equipment and facilities in food premises. Fixtures, fittings and equipment Fixtures, fittings and equipment must be adequate for the production of safe food and fit for their intended use. All fixtures, fittings and equipment must be properly designed, constructed, located and installed so that […]