Monthly Archives: June 2016

Got Coffee…?


Coffee is Australia’s favourite drink, surpassing that of alcohol and soft drinks within the hospitality industry. A fact that is fairly unsurprising for those of us who most likely wouldn’t have made it in to work today without their morning coffee. Like a lot of us, your staff may live and breathe coffee, but do […]

What do you need to know in light of changes to liquor legislation?


Working in the hospitality industry, you are probably already aware of the recent changes to the Liquor Act 1992 with the purpose of combating rapid intoxication and alcohol-related harm. This will not only have a significant effect on the way late-night club-goers consume their alcohol, but will have a far greater impact on those of […]

Serving up the best: a two-pronged approach to reducing customer loss


Venues wishing to reduce the risks of customer loss due to poor service, and reputational damage due to ‘online rants’ need to adopt a two-pronged approach. Firstly, deliver good service. Secondly, provide channels for patrons to provide their feedback to you.   Deliver good service Too often, venue managers and patrons alike confuse ‘staff friendliness’ […]