The Frequently Asked Questions about the RMLV Course

The Responsible Management of a Licensed Venue (RMLV) is required training and certification for anyone looking to work as a manager in a venue that is licensed to handle, sell, and serve alcohol to the general public in any capacity.

Below are some of the most common questions asked about the RMLV and the associated training course.

What is the “Responsible Management of a Licensed Venue” training?

The RMLV course is mandatory training for any personnel or employee who intends to work as a manager for a licensed venue. It covers the many responsibilities of a manager of a licensed venue according to Queensland legislation, of which there are four: the Liquor Act 1992, Liquor Regulation 2002, Wine Industry Act 1994, and Wine Industry Regulation 1995.

Collectively, this legislation provides the outline that all licensed venues must follow and adhere to minimise the harmful effects of alcohol and alcohol-related activities to the community. As well, this legislation aims to regulate the handling, sale, and service of liquor within the state to ensure responsible consumption. The training course educates its attendees on the interpretation and application of the legislation to ensure that alcohol and alcohol-related activities are managed appropriately.

How long is the RMLV training course? The RMLV QLD training has a prescribed completion window, during which the attendee must complete the training to qualify for evaluation for certification. This specified window can take as little as ten consecutive hours within the same day.

Who can conduct RMLV training? The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (also known as the OLGR) approves qualified trainers to deliver the RMLV training through RTOs. For example, CTA Training Specialists is an approved RMLV training organisation, which ensures the OLGR recognises the quality of their training.

How is the RMLV course delivered? There are two popular modes of course delivery for RMLV: face-to-face classes and teleconference delivery. It’s considered ideal that first-time RMLV attendees take part in face-to-face courses in a physical classroom type setting, compared to forms of distance learning like teleconferences and RMLV online.

Do I need RSA training if I have an RMLV certificate? The Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training and certification is a requirement for all persons intending to work in the liquor and gaming sector as an employee or staff who handles, sells, or serves alcohol in any capacity.

That being said, the core competencies of the RSA training are incorporated into the RMLV, and as such is not strictly necessary for an RMLV certificate holder to take the RSA training course. However, if a prospective manager only holds an RSA certification, they are required to upgrade their training to the RMLV to qualify for or occupy a managerial position in a liquor and gaming licensed venue.

These are just some frequently asked questions about the RMLV certificate course. Learn more about the training course by calling CTA Training Specialists today on 07 3878 7291.