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The subject of competency cards, which one can obtain after completing the RSA Online NSW course, is provided to a competent licensee who must ensure the responsible service of alcohol. The new-look cards that were recently issued have especially garnered some questions. With that said, here are answers to frequently asked questions about the RSA competency cards:

Starting May of this year (2018), new competency cardholders will be issued with the latest edition of the card. But I have the old card; can I still use it?

Yes. Holders of existing cards can continue to use their current card until it expires. As they are replaced or renewed, they will be given the new version of the card.

I have a digital card. Will the new design affect the validity of it?

No, it will not be impacted by the changes. The digital version of your competency card is free. Get access via the Service NSW app on Google Play or iTunes.

When do I need to do an RSA course and the hold card?

Sellers, servers, and suppliers of alcohol, including chefs/cooks, glassies, security staff or bouncers, door staff or concierge, sign-in desk and working in high-risk precincts, are all required to have a valid competency card with the Responsible Service of Alcohol endorsement.

Am I required to wear my card at work?

Not necessarily. But you should be ready to present the digital or physical card when asked to by authorities. If you fail to do so, you may be fined.

You can set up your digital licence through the Service NSW app, which can be downloaded on iTunes and Google Play.

If an authorised inspector asks for your card and you don’t have the app on your phone, you can use someone else’s device to log into your ”My Service NSW” account with your pin code and present your digital card. You don’t have to hand over the device to the inspector, and don’t forget to log out of the app once you’ve done this.

Can I work in another state other than NSW with my competency card?

Your training and card only allows you to work in New South Wales or the state you completed your training in. But your statement of attainment document is recognised nationally. With that said, check with liquor licensing authorities in the territory or state you wish to work in.

What happens if I work without a card?

Your card can be suspended, or you can be fined.

If your workplace is in the Kings Cross or Sydney CBD Entertainment precincts, you may be fined much higher than in other locations.

If your staff don’t have a valid competency card, you will most likely receive a fine as well.

How much does an NSW RSA competency card cost?

The cost of the RSA training comes with the cost of the card. And the cost of first-time RCG and RSA courses varies depending on the training providers.

Your digital NSW RSA competency card is free. Once you successfully finish the course, you can register your digital licence through the Service NSW app that’s available on Google Play and iTunes.

How do I renew my competency card that’s about to expire soon?

You can only renew your competency card via online through the official Liquor and Gaming NSW website.

You will need to complete an RSA Online NSW refresher training and pay the renewal fee.

You will be reminded of the expiry of your card by email and text 90 days prior to the expiration date.

Note that it is illegal to work in the RSA and RCG industries if you have an expired card. If you continue to work using the expired card, you may be fined.

Can I use my old paper RSA/RCG certificates?

No. The last certificates expired on June 30th 2016, therefore these cannot be used. You must have the competency card.

I noticed that some information on my competency card is wrong. What should I do?

If you changed your name or details, or notice that some details on your card are incorrect, you have to get a new competency card issued with the correct details.

Submit the “CC0500 Replacement RSA/RCG competency card form” to Liquor and Gaming NSW’s email address at [email protected].

You will also need to pay a fee for the card replacement.

Once the form has been submitted, and the details have been updated, your digital card will be immediately updated as well.

I lost my card. My wallet was stolen, and my card was in it. What should I do?

You must immediately report your stolen items to the authorities and apply for another card online.

Go to the Liquor and Gaming NSW competency card self-service online portal to apply for the replacement card.

You can use your digital card by downloading the Service NSW app, and use it to present your ID should an inspector ask for your competency card while you are currently processing the physical card.

If you cannot apply for a new card online, you can submit the “CC0500 Replacement RSA/RCG competency card form” to [email protected] that you can find on the Liquor and Gaming NSW website.

There is a fee for the card replacement.

I have moved to a new location/address. Do I need to update my information as well?

Yes. It’s important that you do this every time some vital information about you has changed.

Go to the Liquor and Gaming NSW’s competency card self-service online portal, and update your information as soon as possible.

To update your digital competency card, you can log into the Service NSW app and change your details. You can download the app on iTunes and Google Play.

Another way you can update your details is to submit the “CC0400 Change of RSA/RCG competency cardholder contact details” form to [email protected].

I want to add another competency card. Is this possible?

Yes. But first, you need to complete your RCG or RSA Online NSW training from an accredited training provider. After you have passed the training, you will obtain an interim certificate with a new competency card, which you can expect to be sent to your address within four weeks. No need to go to the Service NSW Service Centre or get your photograph taken.

Having a new card means that your new competency will be added to it as well.

What do I do if I want to add privacy endorsement to my competency card?

First, you have to finish the privacy training, and then apply online. If you are unable to apply for the card online, use the form “CC0550 Existing RSA competency card: add privacy endorsement”. The fee for the card replacement with privacy training is $40.

Take note that after completing the training, the interim certificate you will receive from your training provider will only be valid for 28 days. Use the certificate and your current card while you are waiting for the new card. If found that you don’t have one or are working without them, you may be fined for violating RSA/RCG competency regulations.

I haven’t received my card in the mail yet. What do I do?

Remember that it can take up to four weeks for your card to arrive. If it has reached more than the given weeks, contact Liquor and Gaming NSW by email at [email protected] or phone: 1300-024-720.

Can I still work while I’m waiting for my card?

Yes, as you have your interim card (valid for 90 days) and your digital card through the Service NSW app, you are able to work.

All PDF and online versions of the forms that need to be submitted to Liquor and Gaming NSW are found on the Service NSW’s website.

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