Renew and Update Your RSA Competency Card in Few Easy Steps | NSW RSA Online

The RSA competency card is a legal proof that you are a competent and skilled individual who can serve alcohol responsibly. And while the card lets you work for establishments in the liquor and gaming industry, you must be also aware that you must renew your card every 5 years so that you will be able to continue your work.

If you know your – NSW RSA Online – duties you will not have any problems renewing and updating your card.

Follow these simple steps below:

Renewing Your Card

90 days before your card expires, you will be notified that you need to renew your card as soon as possible. The notification and link to the refresher course will be sent to your phone or email address.

  1. Complete the refresher training, which is available online only through the Liquor and Gaming NSW website, on your mobile device or computer. You cannot renew your card through any other training service provider, and that’s including any registered RSA/RCG training provider.
It should take you about 45 minutes to complete.
  1. Pay the renewal fee of $40. You will receive a renewal interim certificate through your email.

After completing these steps, a new card will be issued and sent to you by post. You don’t have to go to the nearest Service NSW Centre to get your photo taken or verify your identity.

If you have a digital card, you will be able to see the card’s expiry date on it. The online renewal will be available for 28 days following the expiry date of your card.

If you do not renew your card within this period, and you still wish to work in the industry, you will have to take the full course through an accredited training provider of NSW RSA Online and RCG courses. If your card has expired, and you are currently working in the industry, you will be fined.

Lastly, make sure that your contact details are up-to-date so that you can be notified of your renewal date. With that said, here is another quick guide to updating your contact details.

Updating Your Card

Part of Liquor and Gaming NSW’s services is to let you know about all the important notices regarding your competency card, which is why you have to keep your details updated from time to time, especially if you have changed your address, switched phone numbers and/or changed your name.

You can update your card using any of the following:

  1. Update your details via the online portsl. You can access the form on the Liquor and Gaming NSW website. You will be asked for your card number, given name, and family name.
  2. Complete the CC0400 or “Change of RSA/RCG competency card holder contact details” form. It can also be found on the website. After filling in all the details, submit it via email to [email protected] and label the subject name as “CC0400 Change of RSA/RCG competency card holder contact details”.

You can also send it by post:

Competency Cards Liquor & Gaming NSW GPO Box 7060 Sydney NSW 2001

Or personally submit it to:

Liquor & Gaming NSW Level 6, 323 Castlereagh Street Haymarket NSW 2000 Monday–Friday, 9 am– 5 pm

  1. Update your details on the Service NSW app. Download the application on iTunes or Google Play. Follow the instructions and wait for the update confirmation.

There is no fee for updating your contact information.

It’s the responsibility of the RSA/RCG competency card holder to provide the necessary details and show proof of their competencies to carry out the responsible service of alcohol.

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