What is an RCG/RSA Competency Card | RSA Online NSW

In New South Wales, if you wish to work in the liquor and gaming business, you will need to secure a Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG)/Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) competency card – RSA Online NSW -.

The card comes in two forms: a plastic card that resembles a driver’s licence and a digital card that you can download on your tablet or mobile phone. It serves as proof that you are skilled and legally qualified to work in the field of gambling and liquor service.

You will need a competency card if you are:

  • A supplier, server, or seller of alcohol
  • Operating an ID scanner
  • Working with gaming machines

The course or courses you will have to complete in order to obtain this card is/are:

  • Privacy training
  • Responsible Conduct of Gambling
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol or NSW RSA Online

The card is valid for five years.

Since May 2018, all the cards issued come with a new design. Cardholders with older cards can still use their cards, given that they are still valid. As they renew or replace their card, they will be given a card with the new design. The digital RSA cards are not affected by the change.

Obtain a card

The only way to get a competency card is to pass an RCG and/or RSA course via a nationally accredited training service provider. As you complete the course of your choice, you will get an interim certificate from the training provider, and this certificate becomes your licence to work for 90 days.

While using your interim certificate, you can apply for the Responsible Conduct of Gambling/Responsible Service of Alcohol card at your local Service NSW Service Centre, where you will have your photo taken and identity checked.

If you know your CCH number, you can immediately get your digital competency card for free by downloading the Service NSW App from Google Play or the iTunes Store.

Following your application, you will receive your physical card via post within three to four weeks.

Renew your card

As the validity of your card moves closer to its expiration date, you must renew it, especially if you want to keep working in the gaming and liquor industry.

To renew your card, you will need to pay a renewal fee of $35 and pass an online refresher training course through the official Liquor and Gaming NSW website. Note that you cannot renew your card through a registered training provider or any other organisation other than the Liquor and Gaming NSW.

Once you register for a renewal, you will be notified regarding the course details and notifications through text or email.

90 days prior to the card’s expiry date, you will receive a renewal reminder.

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