Renew Your RMLV via Video Conference Training

Looking to renew your RMLV online at a convenient location such as from your work office? You can do so with CTA Training Specialists – now offering QLD RMLV courses via video conference!

This video and audio electronic communication is very simple to use, especially if you’re already familiar with a similar program such as Skype or ZOOM.

As you’re aware, if you are a licensee or approved manager your RMLV certificate must be renewed every three (3) years, so if you’re needing to renew your RMLV and are not able to attend a face-to-face course, RMLV training via video conference is a great option for you.

Choose Your Preferred RMLV Session from the Following Dates:

  • Tuesday 19 January | Video Conference >> BOOK NOW
  • Wednesday 27 January | Video Conference >> BOOK NOW

 At CTA Training Specialists, there are also a number of face-to-face courses across Queensland each month. The face-to-face courses are also highly recommended for those undertaking RMLV for the first time.  

CTA Training Specialists has reduced the RMLV course training price to only $300 per person for video conferencing courses. So don’t wait any longer and book today!

Visit our website or contact us on 07 3878 7291. Interested in a group booking? Simply contact our Operations team at [email protected].