Would You Know What to do in an Emergency?

Picture this; the night has been busy, buzzing with a familiar sense of liveliness. As you navigate from one table to the next, you see a customer take a spoon-full of dessert. They start to cough. It grows louder and louder, heavier and heavier, drowning out the night’s music. They clutch their throat and gasp for air, looking directly at you!

Do You Know What to Do?

Most people would not. In fact, less than 1 in 20 Australians have first aid training. This is one of the lowest rates in the world. With over half a million people being admitted to hospital each year for injury, and 12,000 of which dying as a result, it has never been more important to expand Australians’ first aid capabilities.                                      

What Actually is First Aid Training?

First aid is an essential skill that gives you and your employees the confidence to assess an emergency and take action quickly. By following proper first aid steps immediately, you not only help save lives, but also help reduce overall recovery time. This can make a meaningful difference for a patient, sometimes even being the distinction between a short-term injury and long-term disability.

In your first aid training course, you will learn a plethora of relevant and vital skills, designed specifically for tacking incidents in a meaningful and purposeful manner. You will also practice using real techniques like wrapping wounds or burns, setting slings, using first aid equipment and much more!

Skills Covered Include:

  • Respond to Emergency Situations
  • Perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in line with the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) Guidelines Apply appropriate first aid procedures
  • Communicate Details of Emergency Incidents
  • Effectively Operate First Aid Equipment
  • Evaluate Incidents and Individual Performances

Qualifications You Will Receive:

HLTAID001 – Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation
HLTAID002 – Provide basic emergency life support
HLTAID003 – Provide first aid qualification information
HLTAID004 – Provide an emergency first aid response in an education & care setting

These qualifications are perfect for teachers and aged care workers who may experience emergencies much more often than the average worker. Private, onsite first aid and CPR courses are also available upon request.


CPR (also known as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is a fundamental aspect of first aid. Every year, 2,000 Australians suffer a cardiac arrest outside of hospital. Only 10% survive. CPR is preformed to restart a person’s heart functions, helping to pump blood and oxygen back around the body and brain.

The important thing about CPR is to attend a proper CPR training course and to practice often! It’s a skill that will only be required occasionally, so if you don’t practice, you won’t be prepared when the time comes for you to help save someone’s life.

Treating Emergency Injuries

Australia is the home of some of the world’s most verminous and deadly animals. Imagine being bitten or stung and not knowing what to do! First aid gives you the vital skills necessary to treat these bites, alongside any other physical wound. This also includes burns, bruises and scrapes.

Looking to Improve Your First Aid Skills?

At CTA, we are passionate about building important first aid skills for the clubs and hospitality industries. Make sure that you know first aid, and get comfortable with the required skills by attending a first aid and CPR course!