Who Needs a Food Safety Certificate in Australia?

The importance of food safety is vital in the food industry, that’s why a food safety certificate is required. We only need to refer to the recent food recalls to know that when safety is compromised, the reputation of the business is also compromised. The food service industry in Australia is required by law to have at least one person in-charge for food safety, the food safety supervisor. Running a food business is not easy, which is why you need the necessary training to meet the laws on food safety. The food industry is vast, and the essential things required in running a business are preparing and serving the food properly.   Here are some of the hospitality businesses that serve food and require a food safety certificate: Cafes don’t only serve coffee but also food to better compliment/match their drinks offering. Food and beverages are always partners – they go hand-in-hand. What better way to enjoy your morning or afternoon tea than to enjoy a banoffee pie with your coffee! Restaurants should have a menu with a list of the most enticing foods to satisfy our tastebuds. These foods should be as equally safe to eat. People dining out are becoming very meticulous in regards to the food they order, and the photos of the food taken will not be the only thing taken into account. Hotels, Inns and Motels serve food to their customers who check in for a holiday, business trip, or even for a staycation. The food should not bring additional strain to the drained body after their travel. Establishments aim to keep their businesses profitable, so they want customers coming back not only for the comfort of their rooms but for the food they love to indulge in and enjoy. Clubs, Bars and Pubs aim to provide customers with an overall entertainment experience through wine and food pairings or beer and food pairings.  However, food is food no matter where it is served and they need to be safely handled and fit for the public to consume. Fast food chains are great for customers who are time-poor and need something on the run but this doesn’t mean that food safety should be compromised. As you know, food safety should be paramount in all food businesses. Fast food chains conduct regular checks and are designed to have safety protocols not only in handling food but also in the preparation of food and the time food should be served, to refrain from cross-contamination.   The most challenging things in the industry are the quality and the safety in the regulatory environment. Despite the modern rush in keeping up with technologies comes the world of instant food, and yet consumers today are still found to be health-conscious. Food businesses must focus on providing the highest possible standards in relation to consumption. Food business owners have the responsibility to ensure their staff comply with the standards set for food safety and it is always advisable that you have as many of your food service staff with a food safety certificate as possible.   To find out more about the online food safety certificate, simply click here.  Club Training also trains food safety face-to-face, so if you are interested in a group booking, contact the team on 07 3878 8977 or email [email protected].