What To Expect Before Completing Your RMLV Course

Before completing an RMLV course, you may have a few questions prior to the course, such as the training outline, date, time, what to bring and when to expect your certificate. However, we have put together all the necessary information to help you prepare for your course before it begins.  

About the RMLV Training

(Responsible management of licensed venues (RMLV course) As you may know, it is mandatory for liquor licensees (if individuals), approved managers and some permit holders to have a current responsible management of licensed venues (RMLV) certificate.

The certificate will remain valid for 3 years, but it is your responsibility to ensure your certificate is renewed before your current certificate expires. As the course targets licensees and nominees, it is specifically designed with a management focus.

The course not only provides details of the law and liquor licence requirements, but it also includes a range of management strategies to assist operators in the responsible conduct of their business.  

RMLV Course Delivery

RMLV training with CTA Training Specialists is a one-day course, carried out over 10-hours and delivered by one of our approved trainers through either face-to-face or via video conference.  The trainer will deliver the RMLV training supported by a PowerPoint presentation, together with imagery and video clips to facilitate the training. They will also give you access to the RMLV course manual during the training.  

RMLV Course Outline

During the CTA Training Specialist’s OLGR approved Responsible Management of Licensed Venues (RMLV) course, you are expected to learn the following:

  • Learn your responsibilities under the Liquor Act 1992
  • Learn a range of management strategies to assist in the responsible operation of a licensed venue
  • Learn how to use risk management and self-audit processes for the continued safe and responsible operation of your business

Meals and Breaks

Throughout the day, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea meals will be provided during the breaks (excluding the RMLV Video Conference courses and the Saturday course dates).  

What to Bring:

On the day of the training, you will need to bring your booking confirmation along with a current valid form of identification (ie current driver’s licence).  

RMLV Certificate

Once you have successfully completed the course and the associated assessment, CTA Training Specialists will process your information and issue your RMLV certificate via email.  A hard copy of your certificate will also be posted to you.  

Course Location, Date and Time

CTA Training Specialists offers RMLV courses in many locations across Queensland. To find the best RMLV location and date for you, click here. The RMLV training at each location commences at 8.30am.

If you have any questions regarding the RMLV courses offered by CTA Training Specialists, contact the team on 07 3878 7291 or email [email protected].