What needs to be in an RGS/RSG Online Video?

If you need to renew your RGS/RSG online, or looking to work in a venue that provides gambling services within Australia, it might sound strange or even avoidable that you must upload a RSG online video to complete your RSG training online. However, in line with the Australian Government Department of Education & Training course packages, it is a requirement to upload a video as part of the RSG course assessment.

Therefore, to be competent in SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services by any Registered Training Organisation (RTO), one of our qualified trainers and assessors is required to assess each student’s video upload.

Here is some useful information and tips to guide you through the process. You might just find it much easier than you think!

  • To upload your video, you must purchase the SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services training here.
  • You will then be sent a confirmation email and a link to log into your Student Portal account. From there, you will be able to complete your course including uploading your video, which is in your final assessment.

Your video MUST demonstrate how to:

  1. Respond to indicators of problem gambling
  2. Deal courteously and discreetly with customers identifying problems with gambling or requesting self-exclusion.

To ensure you meet the requirements to achieve 100%, you must ensure you cover the following points in your video assessment. You need to complete ONE (1) Video Assessment demonstrating how to implement responsible gambling practices and provide information and assistance to customers about problem gambling:

  • You must mention the signs of problem gambling that were displayed by the customer in the scenario and where in the venue you would discuss the following points with them
  • You must provide information on two (2) Gambling help counselling services in your local area
  • You must provide information to the customer explaining what a self-exclusion is (time they will be excluded for)
  • You must refer the customer to the Customer Liaison Officer (CLO)

Ensure we can see your face in the video and that we can hear you speak clearly in the video.

*Please note:  You only need to upload ONE video, but it must address the points above.

Your video must be done in the first person, as if you are a gaming team member, and you must be visible in the video at all times.

We recommend keeping the video length under or up to 40 seconds addressing both scenarios listed above.

Please note, it is not a requirement for you to film at a venue or a hospitality simulated environment or be accompanied by another person. You are welcome to film alone, in a quiet place, in your own time.

You can use any filming devices to shoot your video, however, we recommend using iPhones or Android mobile devices as they tend to have a higher filming resolution.

Please note, the student portal accepts most video files, but they cannot be larger than 1GB.

If you would like further instructions on how to upload your video, click here.