What Makes a Good Barista?

Let’s say one has a morning routine where he stops by a coffee shop on his way to work to get his first caffeine fix of the day. Whether or not he notices the effort put into every cup, any barista knows that coffee preparation is an art form.

In Italian, barista refers to a female or male bartender who works behind the counter, preparing and serving cold non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, hot beverages such as coffee, as well as snacks. But today, everywhere we are, we know that a barista is a person who has mastered the art of grinding and preparing coffee to a specific standard. They are also passionate about everything there is to know about the “dirty bean”, which makes them more apt for the service they provide.

You can start with the Barista Basics course from Club Training Australia and then progress to a face-to-face training course to further your study. If you want to train to become a barista, you must first study in a reputable institution or with a registered online course provider and complete your training.

One of the basic things you need to understand as an aspiring barista, is to know the different types of coffees and coffee beans found all over the world, and practice making each one until you get it perfectly. Going through this training also prepares you for using various kinds of coffee-making equipment.

Completing your training means you already know the ins and outs of preparing many – if not, all – types of coffees, such as an Americano, Café Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Macchiato, Mochaccino, Affogato, Flat White, and many others. You should be able to grind beans for these coffees, ensuring the blend and amount of liquids are added just right.

As a professionally trained barista, you are likewise responsible for quality checking and operating various equipment while maintaining quality coffee-making standards. If you do not perform as consistently as you should, it will be hard for a café, coffee shop or business to gain a solid customer base that returns to your business, time and time again. Thus, it is important to master the craft and maximise your skills through training courses Australia has to offer.