What are the benefits of Responsible Service of Alcohol QLD?

Everyone benefits when alcohol is served responsibly. If staff understand the product they are selling or hold a Responsible Service of Alcohol QLD certificate, then they understand the responsibilities that come with it. Servers will have a more pleasant work environment without rowdy, intoxicated customers. Excessive drinking makes life more difficult for people working in the liquor industry. They have to tolerate:

  • Abusive customers
  • Harassment
  • Possible violence

Licensees should be aware that their premises are potentially more attractive and profitable, if they avoid the problems caused by intoxicated customers. Businesses should strive to improve their RSA QLD practices for the following reasons:

  • The overall atmosphere will be more pleasant
  • The business will garner a good reputation
  • There will be greater customer satisfaction
  • Potential legal problems will be reduced
  • Staff morale will be higher leading to greater productivity and less staff turnover

When customers drink responsibly, it is good for business because other customers:

  • Will feel safe and stay longer
  • Will tell their friends about the place and attract more customers
  • Will come back!

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