Training for Success at Bundaberg Services Club

CTA Training Specialists recently caught up with Jodie Harris, the General Manager from Bundaberg Services Club, to discuss Bundy’s innovation with school-based trainees!

In an established club, the introduction of young talent can be critical for ongoing success and expansion. Bundaberg Services Club knows this full-well. The business’s continued partnership with CTA Training Specialist’s School-based Traineeship Program has seen the venue not only grow, but also pave a pathway for Australia’s upcoming Hospitality workforce.

Bundaberg Services Club started their School-based Traineeship journey over a decade ago. Since then, the club has employed numerous trainees in areas such as reception, food and beverage, functions, and gaming using an exciting hands-on buddy/ mentor system. Thanks to CTA’s trainer Jason McIlroy, these trainees have been supported by monthly formal training to ensure their sustained triumph within the industry.  

But traineeships are more than just building skills. They are about giving students and the community an opportunity to flourish and thrive. For Bundaberg Services Club, this is the most rewarding aspect of their school-based traineeship program. In particular, Jodie recalls success within their Chef program, where Bundy’s ongoing traineeships has seen students achieve career goals all whilst getting paid.

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