Training Courses Australia: Quick Guide to Refusing Service of Alcohol to Unruly Patrons

Being in the bartending business may seem easy, as it gives the impression that serving drinks to people is a non-laborious effort, and that’s the only job bartenders do. On the contrary, the work has its own share of responsibilities not only towards the people they serve but also to everyone else in the premises. Perhaps one of the biggest duties that a licensee and the staff do, is refusing service of alcohol to patrons. Doing training courses Australia, will teach you about these key duties as a bartender.  

Anyone who has completed their RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) training is able to do this; it’s a mandatory requirement for the liquor industry in Queensland to have their employees acquire an RSA certificate. The authority to decline service to a customer is one that should be regarded highly and within certain conditions.  

Apart from adhering to RSA regulations, a licensee or authorised staff must also practice proper ways to apply these rules. Below are some pointers on how to refuse service.  

Learn the law by heart

The licensee and staff should know the laws and conditions relating to RSA from their RSA training courses Australia. For instance, if a patron is acting disorderly, heavily inebriated, or is a minor, serving him/her alcohol is prohibited. Or if a patron, who is excessively intoxicated, is endangering the safety of the other patrons in the premises, he/she should also be refused service.

Keeping the laws in mind at all times, will greatly assist in making the right decisions.  

Stand firm

There will be times when intoxicated patrons will be stubborn and will take no for an answer. This is when authorised staff need to be firm and in control of the situation. Refusing the service also entails making it clear to the customer that the refusal is simply following the rules and is in no way an act of discrimination or any other offensive action. Explaining the laws of RSA may further help them understand why.

They can also offer an alternative or non-alcoholic drink that the patron can order instead.  

Always be polite

Even if the customer starts getting rowdy and loud, staff must remember to always be calm and polite. One way to not exacerbate a heated situation is to always practice the respectful way of handling it. Lowering one’s voice, as the patron starts raising theirs, can defuse the tension.  

Get help from a supervisor or security

If things escalate, and the situation requires the assistance of someone with higher authority, it is best to speak with the supervisor or senior staff on duty or security. They will be the ones to ask the unruly patron to leave or to escort them out of the area. And as they exit the premises, it’s also important to make sure that they do in the safest manner and do not loiter outside.

Any licensee and their staff possess the power to refuse the service of alcohol if it is done without having to resort to physical violence or discrimination against the patron’s gender, race, and appearance. These are evident products of quality RSA training courses Australia.  

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