Training Courses Australia: Available Online Training Courses

Training courses Australia offer alternatives to traditional education by providing nationally accredited training courses. Through qualified trainers and educators from Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), learners can gain the necessary skills for the industry they intend to find employment in, at a lesser cost to resources when compared to the traditional academic track.


These training courses also improve on existing skills for learners looking to expand their skill sets through nationally accredited or general knowledge training courses. Because of the convenience they offer, online training courses are a quickly growing global industry.


Below are samples of some nationally accredited training courses that are available through RTOs all over the country.


Responsible Service of Alcohol

Responsible Service of Alcohol is a required training course and certification for persons looking to find work in the liquor and gaming industry as part of the liquor handling, sale, and service sector. This requirement arises from the National Alcohol Strategy 2006-2011, which aims to minimise the risks that are associated with alcohol and its related activities.


The training course helps employees in formulating processes and procedures for handling alcohol and associated situations that result from intoxication. One of the key points of the training course is to educate staff in the liquor handling, sale, and service sector on how to appropriately manage patrons who display intoxication. The Responsible Service of Alcohol training course assists staff with ways to appropriately refuse service to intoxicated patrons.


Responsible Gambling Service

As per a report from the Australian Government’s Productivity Commission from 2010, an estimated 115,000 Australians can be categorised as problem gamblers, while around 280,000 Australians are at moderate risk of becoming problem gamblers.


To that end, the Responsible Gambling Service (RSG) training course and certification is nationally recognised training that is aimed towards those looking to find work in the liquor and gaming industry as part of the gaming sector. This requirement, for its part, seeks to minimise the adverse effects of excessive gambling may cause on persons who take part in gambling or gaming activities.


The Responsible Gambling Service training is intended to educate gaming employees in handling situations that may arise during gaming, such as identifying signs of problem gambling. The training also aims to educate gaming employees on appropriate behaviour when dealing with customers or gamers who display signs of problem gambling or request voluntary or self-exclusion.


Food Safety Supervisor

Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) is a nationally required training course and certification for persons who are looking to work in the food industry. The Food Safety Supervisor training course covers many topics ranging from food safety procedures to proper hygiene practices and other food safety precautions. Restaurants, food carts, and any events that include any food handling are required to have at least one Food Safety Supervisor on staff at all times, which makes this training course and certification a highly-sought after certification in the food industry.


The Food Safety Supervisor training course also teaches staff of their responsibilities as per new legislation, which is why it’s mandated for Food Safety Supervisors to review and take refresher courses to keep updated.


These are only three of the many training courses that can be availed through Registered Training Organisations for both online and face-to-face course delivery. Consider enrolling in a course today.