The 5 Superpowers of Online Learning

In Australia’s dynamic and ever-changing Hospitality Industry, keeping up with the latest industry knowledge and skills is not only desired but essential.

This is where online training shines. Online learning provides venues and students alike with key advantages, enabling continued growth, development and success with both soft and hard skills.

Unlike the sometimes-stagnant nature of traditional classrooms, online learning allows students to accelerate their study outside of conventional learning hours. This provides a multitude of benefits, giving students the opportunity to balance and delegate their time across several commitments and working environments. In the hospitality industry, this can be the difference between building skills today or in a week’s time!

With online study comes the ability to create personalised learning experiences! Online study’s varied approach to education can help increase active learning for all types of learning styles. As a result, anyone who takes an online course can be accommodated for, allowing future venue-staff to become truly immersed in their education.

A busy classroom can be advantageous for many. For others, it can be a detriment. Online studies allow students to access information and courses in environments that are more attuned to their needs and desires. This provides an exciting opportunity to increase concentration in the learning process, thereby allowing venue staff to feel more acclimatised to their new knowledge.

Online study also offers a more cost-effective approach to education. Imagine taking the same course in-person. Students may need to buy books and utensils, pay for petrol or buses and even their daily coffee. With online study, none of this is required. All students need is a steady internet connection and a willingness to learn and develop.

Perhaps one of the most pertinent benefits of online learning is its ability to provide instant credentials. At CTA, students can receive their industry-recognised digital badge and certificate within 24 to 48 hours of competition, Monday-Friday. Gone are the days of waiting!

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