Customer Service Training Programs

SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality Management

In any hospitality business in South Australia, whether a club, restaurant or bar, providing exceptional customer service is essential in maintaining great relationships with existing patrons or members, while making guests and new members feel like welcomed, long-term patrons.

What Constitutes “Exceptional” Customer Service?

Too often, venues in SA and patrons alike confuse ‘staff friendliness’ with “great customer service” as synonymous. While it is true that having good people is one of the key factors to providing an effective customer service program, friendliness is just one element of that total experience. 

Considerations for things like food quality, lighting, seating, entertainment, staff engagement, and cleanliness can all contribute to a positive or negative customer service experience.

CTA Training Specialists works with hospitality venues across South Australia to create customised customer service programs while also providing short courses delivered completely online.

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First Aid / CPR Training Courses

CTA Training Specialists provides onsite first-aid and CPR training courses for hospitality venues, childcare facilities, primary, middle and high schools and aged care facilities in South Australia.

Having staff trained in first-aid and CPR is essential for supporting both staff and patrons when emergencies happen.  These full-day or partial-day courses are designed for these specific industries and teach students both basic and advanced first-aid skills.

These first-aid courses in SA do provide accredited qualifications upon successful completion.

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Fire Warden Training Course

The Fire Warden Training course is essential for organisations in South Australia that want to equip their Fire Wardens with up-to-date, expert knowledge, training and the practical skills needed in evacuation coordination instructions.  The course provides attendees with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage building emergencies and/or fire outbreaks.

The Fire Warden course is delivered completely online, so it’s fast and easy to book and complete for any staff member in SA who is required to undergo this emergency preparation training.

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