School-Based Trainees Bring A Wealth Of Benefits To Venues

The benefits for your venue are endless when you hire young motivated staff in school-based traineeships including:
  • Making a positive contribution to the local community by supporting young people
  • Attractive financial government grants and incentives
  • Attracting and recruiting new staff
  • Producing a cost-positive training and employment budget
  • Access to qualified and experienced trainers
  • High completion rate
Two venues that have successfully engaged school-based trainees for a number of years share their experiences about Club Training Australia’s School-Based Traineeship Program includes Bundaberg Services Club and The Waves Sports Club. “School based traineeships offer a terrific opportunity for both the students and the businesses involved” Jodie Harris, Operations Manager Bundaberg Services Club   “A great benefit is the enjoyment of our patrons when they see young people from local schools given a chance to learn life-changing skills.” Karen Shillabeer, Human Resource Officer The Waves Sports Club   Bundaberg Services Club prides itself on reputable well-trained staff Bundaberg Services Club invests a lot of time and money in building our team so that we are well known within the community as having well trained, valuable staff. School based traineeships offer a terrific opportunity for both the school kids and the businesses involved. The kids have an opportunity to experience an industry before finishing school and businesses like Bundaberg Services Club get to hire young staff who are keen to learn and don’t come with any bad habits. Having the trainees around also reminds existing staff of correct procedure and protocol as they are leading by example. Over the past 5 years, we have had many trainees stay employed at the venue  as we saw potential to keep them at the end of their traineeship and felt they suited a permanent role within the club.  Many of them are now completing a Certificate IV in Hospitality or higher with us. In 2018, we put on 10 new trainees with the hope of offering them continuing employment should they fit well within the club.   The Waves Sports Club engages with locals through School-Based Traineeships Here at The Waves Sports Club we decided to embark on a school-based program in conjunction with Club Training Australia. Following the selection process five successful candidates were placed into our program and have commenced training both on the job in the club and theory with CTA. The program has been very successful in the past. This program is a fantastic way to introduce young people interested in a career in hospitality to our venue. The aim of utilising this program is ultimately to retain the students as employees once they leave school and, as they gain more experience and show promise, to produce future duty managers creating an ongoing succession plan for The Waves Sports Club. We firmly believe in contributing to our community through supporting young people, making a real difference in motivating young people to complete school and to work towards their future goals. If you are considering embarking on a similar program, I believe your venue will not only find it rewarding but it can also become part of your ongoing community contributions.  Another benefit is seeing the reactions of our patrons who enjoy seeing young people from local schools given a chance to learn life-changing skills.   Interested in offering school based opportunities in your venue or simply want to know more?  Contact Jason McIlroy our Business Development Manager on 0448 222 123 or email [email protected].