RMLV Course | Information about Alcohol and Legislation

The liquor and gaming industry is steadily growing. Due to this growth, it continuously needs of people who are trained in a managerial capacity, as there is a high level of responsibility involved in handling the sale and service of alcohol. This is because, generally speaking, alcohol is considered a habit-forming substance. Governments all over the world have restrictions for the availability and consumption of alcohol and Australia is no exception.

The RMLV course gives venue managers an understanding of the many components of serving alcohol responsibly, including the relevant legislation. In Queensland specifically, these restrictions are contained in what are called “Acts of Parliament”, commonly referred to as legislation. Four pieces of legislation govern alcohol availability and consumption in Queensland: the Liquor Act 1992, the Liquor Regulation 2002, the Wine Industry Act 1994, and the Wine Industry Regulation 1995. These pieces of legislation only apply within Queensland, as other states have different Acts with varying stipulations and provisions peculiar to their respective state. Because of this legislation variance between states, it is essential that a person working within the liquor and gaming industry investigates the requirements relevant to that particular state they wish to work in.

What is the Responsible Management of Licensed Venues? The Responsible Management of Licensed Venues (also known as RMLV) certification is a requirement for persons looking to work as managers of venues that are licensed to serve alcohol to the general public. In Queensland, this certification is attainable through training that is recognised by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR). The training, in turn, is accessible through Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) that are located all over the state.

RTOs offer the RMLV QLD training course through two modes of delivery: face-to-face delivery, which involve classes in a physical setting, and distance learning, which is done via teleconference/online. The training for the RMLV course has a prescribed completion window. For face-to-face delivery and the online method, the training can be completed over one day. Upon completion of the course, the student’s competency will be assessed, and if they are shown to be competent, a copy of their certification will be emailed once the documentation is processed by the RTO.

This RMLV certificate will be valid for three years from the date of issuance, after which the certification and training must be refreshed and renewed. Managers of licensed venues are required by Queensland legislation to have current RMLV certification. Ideally, the certificate holder should renew their certification before it expires; if the certificate holder fails to renew on time, another manager with current RMLV certification must perform the required duties.

The RMLV training course aims to limit or mitigate the harmful effects of alcohol and alcohol-related incidents. This is why it’s imperative for managers of licensed venues to have a current certification in RMLV, as there are different stipulations for various licence type as per Queensland legislation. Enrol in a training course today. Call CTA Training Specialists for available dates in your area or view our RMLV public schedule here.