Principles of Promoting Liquor | RSA Online NSW

When a business sets up a campaign promoting in relation to alcohol there is a set of rules to be followed. This way, they will adhere to the regulations that come with providing Responsible Service of Alcohol – RSA Online NSW -.

Here are the basic principles of promoting liquor in NSW. 


Must not appeal to minors (below 18 years old)

Promotions should not use imagery, characters, designs, naming, or motifs that target underage individuals. Such campaigns are discouraged from advertising merchandise as well as making use of technology or interactive games that mainly appeal to minors.


Must be decent and not in any way offensive

Promotions should not use images, that include human bodies, that may be regarded as offensive or distasteful to a sensible adult.

The promotional material should not contain any foul or insulting language.

Moreover, offering discounted or alcoholic beverages in an event that may be insulting to a reasonable individual currently present in the venue.


Must not encourage irresponsible drinking

Campaigns should not encourage the consumption of alcoholic drinks in a yard glass for laybacks, skolling, blasters, slammers, or bombs, or the consumption from a squirt gun. They should also not encourage an individual to buy and consume alcohol that’s intended for more than one person, i.e. shared or a set of drinks.  

Promotions or events that have titles or labels and target excessive consumption of drinks should be avoided.

Marketing strategies that involve using drinkware, which suggest rapid consumption of liquor, like water pistols, test tubes, and yard glasses are discouraged. Not only that, activities like drinking competitions, dares, challenges, games, or lotteries that suggest excessive drinking (e.g. “pub golf”, “flip and win”, “boat races,” skolling games, “around the world”, and “60 shots in 60 minutes”) are also discouraged.


Must not involve the provision of free or extremely discounted drinks

Promotions must not provide free alcohol, which in turn encourages its rapid consumption, like an “all-you-can-drink” for a short period of time, promotional cards, vouchers, drink cards, and happy hours ie. A $50 voucher redeemable between 9 & 10pm 


Must not condone breaking the law or aggressive behaviour

Liquor campaigns should not contain messages or images that suggest or condone breaking the law or disruptive behaviour, especially associating the alcohol promotion with the taking or abuse of drugs.  They should likewise be not linked to violent or hostile behaviour towards other individuals.

A business’ promotion of liquor can be determined as undesirable only by the Secretary, Department of Industry, like the Director, Compliance, Liquor & Gaming NSW. Before being considered as such, a licensee is given the chance to provide an explanation as to why the campaign should not be declared undesirable. You can learn more about the Liquor Promotion Guidelines by clicking here.

These licensees are individuals who have completed their training in the Responsible Service of Alcohol, an essential course for those who wish to work in venues that serve alcohol within the licensed premises. Through this course, they will be able to understand their responsibilities under the law, dutifully aid patrons to drink within the suitable limits, assist inebriated customers and be aware of the sensible liquor promotions, and the like.


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