Meet the Team: Lizzie Lock

Tell us a bit about yourself. (Interests, Hobbies)
Bit of a movie buff or looking for the next new and exciting series to watch in my downtime. Still love cooking when I have the time, desserts are my forte. I still cook some weekends at a cafe for a chef friend I have known since I was an apprentice.

What was your career journey prior to starting at CTA?
I worked 15 years in the kitchen, but a year before I decided to move FOH. In between, I worked a few months with TAFE NSW, delivering online during the covid pandemic before I moved back to Brisbane. I was venue manager at a bar west of Brisbane City just before I joined the team at CTA.

What encouraged you to enter the hospitality industry as a trainer?
When I first qualified at 19, I walked into TAFE Southbank and asked what it takes to become a trainer. They told me I need the experience first plus another certificate to train. After 8 years of cooking in some wonderful kitchens and at the ripe age of 27 I decided to get my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. I was told I have the patience to train apprentices and that I have a teaching ‘vibe’.

If you can only eat one type of food for the rest of your life. What food would that be?
That’s a really hard question to ask a chef, I am a bit of a grazer so it can’t just be one. I would have to say a charcuterie and cheese board.

What has been your favourite thing about the hospitality industry?
The food, definitely the food!

What would you consider to be your hospitality superpower?
My taste buds – I can usually pick different flavours, herbs or spices from complex dishes.

How would you describe the future of hospitality in Australia?
From a CTA point of view, a good one. We have excellent trainers who are moulding the future generation.