Knowing First Aid in the Workplace

Always being prepared is the key to not only being able to handle unpredictable situations but it helps you undertake tasks more promptly and easily. When it comes to dealing with accidents – which is almost never predictable, one must be able to act fast and efficiently to eliminate or stop the situation from escalating. There are many reasons to take a first aid course and learn emergency treatment, for example, if the nature of your work involves physical labour and/or dealing with machinery, you might be at a higher risk of suffering an injury. However, whether the nature of one’s work is indoors or outdoors, accidents, minor or major, may occur. From cuts and bruises to falls and fractures, no one can really predict exactly when a mishap may occur, and while a company nurse may be able to aid the situation, they are not always at a close call. Being able to perform first aid on a co-worker is a big advantage, as it provides immediate treatment while a nurse or doctor is on their way.


Part of the first aid training is learning CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Administering CPR when someone needs it can help save that person’s life. Someone may also require first aid after a fall or trip that could result in a sprain or fracture, and while you consider the distance from your workplace to the nearest hospital, having someone with experience and certified in first aid can be the best option for treatment at the time.


There are some training organisations that offer first aid group training for businesses. Club Training Australia offers both, individual and group training for those wanting to arrange a group booking for their staff.


As well as CPR and First Aid training, you can also enrol in further courses that can assist may an accident occur including First Aid for Child Care.


It is always best to undertake legitimate training to administer first aid procedures correctly. Having training in first aid does not only complement your current credentials, but it can help and save a life.