It’s a wrap for 2018 Club Super Leadership Institute Graduates

Following on from the third Club Super Leadership Institute Alumni conference at the Queensland Cricketers’ Club on November 16, we honoured our 2018 graduates.

The CSLI 2018 graduation ceremony was celebrated by our 11 participants and their managers, alongside our sponsors, alumni and representatives from Clubs Queensland as well as the 14 new leadership participants for 2019.

Special thanks must be given to our amazing sponsors, naming rights sponsor Club Super, founding partner Carlton & United Breweries, Coca-Cola Amatil, Club Training Australia, DWS Hospitality Specialists and the Australian Club Management Institute, who collectively, have made this amazing program a reality for a minimum of 10 lucky participants each and every year.  Many of the sponsors have supported this program since its inception in 2002.

The 11 graduates for 2018 were:

  • Brett Green, Wynnum Manly Leagues Club
  • Paul van Zijl, Southport Sharks
  • Cheryl Nicholls, Club Beenleigh
  • Allyson Pascoe, Kirwan Sports Club
  • Kylie Hislop, Club Burleigh
  • Courtney Phillips, Souths Suburban Bowls Club
  • Nathan Marshall, Dalby Leagues Club
  • Danni Francis, Aspley Hornets Football Club
  • Kerrie Fenwick, Blue Fin Fishing Club
  • Kym Mac, Lions@Springwood/ Arana Leagues Club
  • Tanja Prell, Club Super


(From left to right, Chris Anderson from Coca-Cola Amatil, Jeff Simmonds from Coca-Cola Amatil, Jason Britton from CUB, Danni Francis, Brett Green, Allyson Pascoe, Paul van Zijl, Cheryl Nicholls, Nathan Marshall, Courtney Phillips, Kym Mac, Tanja Prell from Club Super, Kerrie Fenwick, Aaron Bray Club Training Australia, Kylie Hislop, Christian Mott Club Training Australia, James McIntyre Club Training Australia and Alan Sher from Club Super)

Special awards were also presented to outstanding candidates and this year, the following three participants were awarded:

  • Courtney Phillips, Senior Duty Manager at Souths Suburban Bowls Club Mackay awarded Passion for the Industry award sponsored by DWS Hospitality Specialists;
  • Allyson Pascoe, Functions Manager/ Duty Manager at Kirwan Sports Club awarded Passion for the Industry sponsored by Club Training Australia; and
  • Danni Francis, Operations Manager at Aspley Hornets Football Club received The John Dickson Future Outstanding Leader award.

Nathan Marshall presented a wonderful speech on behalf of the 2018 graduates and while we cannot provide the full script, we have pulled out some of our favourite parts to share with you to give you a glimpse into the world of the CSLI participant:

“12 months ago, the eleven of us sat in the crowd at Parliament House, complete strangers, listening to Rosalind give this tremendous speech about the Class of 2017, and anybody that was there last year, knows I’ve got my work cut out for me tonight following that speech. She spoke about 100 page assignments, about friendship and bonds they had formed, about the sacrifices and hours that they had committed to the study, and every single one of us sat there, like deers in the headlights, thinking.. what the hell have we signed up for…..well most of us thought that, Brett didn’t even know he was signed up.

 As the night went on, we were introduced to each other, met past students, met trainers and sponsors, and our nerves calmed ever so slightly. We enjoyed the rest of that night and went back to our clubs the next day eager for 2018 to start.

 I’m humbled and grateful to be speaking on behalf of these 10 amazing people tonight, sharing with you some of our experiences, challenges, stories, and advice for next year’s class.

 …..What an amazing journey. What an amazing year. What an amazing bunch of people. It would be remiss of me not to thank a few people and businesses.  To the CSLI Sponsors – Naming Rights and Major Sponsor Club Super, founding partner Carlton and United Breweries, Coca Cola Amatil, Club Training Australia, DWS Hospitality specialists, and the Australian Club Management Institute, thank you for being a part of this wonderful program. I spoke before about being grateful, and all of us here are truly appreciative for the opportunities that your sponsorship of the CSLI program has given each of us. The knowledge, experiences and memories cannot be replicated, and will be treasured by each of us, and for that we are honoured and thankful for your support and sponsorship in 2018,  and do hope that you continue to support and grow the program.

 To our individual clubs and families – thank you. The sacrifices you have all undertaken over the last 12 months are immeasurable, and the investment that has been made in our careers has inspired us all to be exceptional leaders, great people and determined to do you all proud.

To our trainers and everyone behind the scenes – thank you for all the laughs, guidance, advice, and friendship you have given everyone this year.

And who could forget these amazing people standing here behind me. The memories and bonds we have made over the last 12 months are infinite, so look forward to the future, feel grateful for the past, and enjoy the moment.

To the 2019 students, who if you look around – all ever so slightly sweating and shaking, enjoy tonight, and I mean ‘enjoy’ tonight, and embrace the next 12 months, and appreciate the opportunity that each of you have been given.  Plus many more.

Anyway, as CSLI 2018 has come to an end – we would like to pass on the Muff Hat to the Class of 2019 – may it bring you the joy, experiences, friendship, bonds, and happiness that we encountered, plus much more.

CLASS OF 2018 – as Abraham Lincoln once said – the best way to predict the future is to create it – so now that we’ve all completed the Club Super Leadership Institute – let’s all go do exactly that.” #CSLI #CSLI2018