Is computer based Online Induction and training right for your business?

Online Induction

Technology including iPads and other portable devices have revolutionized the business world. From POS terminal to business computer, these mobile devices have popped up all over the hospitality and tourism industry. As our reliance on technology has evolved, it is evident that these devices don’t just have to be limited to the back office. In fact, one of their most promising applications is employee and front-of-house: training.

Originally computer-based training wasn’t designed for the hospitality and tourism. It was cost prohibitive, confusing and required technical skills. Not only that, we are in hospitality, right? It’s all about human interaction!

The common push back to leveraging technology goes something like this “Requiring team members to sit in front of a computer or iPad to complete training and then try to remember what they learned and apply it when they get to their workspace isn’t what hospitality is all about, human interaction is where it is at”.

No argument here! I say keep your binders full of paper-training materials. The truth of the matter is that there are components to employee training and inductions that can be more effectively completed by an employee online, while there are components that need to be completed in a face to face session. Learning the discrimination and smoking policy, or understanding expectations around uniforms or behaviour. Reinforcing the CEO’s welcome message and expectations can all be delivered in a customised company branded online induction.

Incorporating the dynamic and visually appealing graphics of online training creates for increased engagement and impact. Updating material and create new messages is a lot more simple with online training modules. Additionally, utilising your own branded learning management system means management can be sure who received what training.

When it comes to on-the-job training, the portability of technology like iPads allows for employees to learn and use the training device while they are hands on in the kitchen or front of house. Video on the iPad, unlike paper, can help an employee understand exactly how to master a recipe or refresh customer service expectations ensures consistency of service, products, portion control and tastes.

Whether or not an online induction or training will work for your organisation depends on your business direction and desire for an overall solution. The convenience and simplicity of using CTA’s learning management system, training and induction solutions makes it a fantastic tool that will help your business make your inductions and training more engaging and easier to manage, which equates to savings off the bat. Contact us on 07 3117 22 44 if you are interested.