Investing in Leadership Pays Dividends for the Alexandra Headland Surf Club

L-R: Tom McShea, Jake Skinner, Amanda Payne, Rikki Dean-Wilcocks, Norman Eichmann, Nick Windred.

People are always the core drivers of any business; this is even more relevant when you are in the hospitality industry. So, when it comes to investing in the operational backbone of any organisation, it starts with training your leaders!

One organisation that has been highly focused on this top-level development is the Alexandra Headland Surf Club, who recently approached CTA Hospitality Specialists General Manager, Aaron Bray, to craft a customised DM Development Program to upskill and educate their Duty Managers.

Our customised DM Development Program responds to many years of discussion with GMs, CEOs, and senior management, many of whom say that standards fall away when they are not on the premises.

“Duty Managers are pivotal to the success of any Club, they have one of the most difficult roles to ensure the smooth day to day operations of the venue, taking into consideration, compliance, managing the team performance, whilst ensuring the customer has a memorable experience.”
– Aaron Bray, General Manager, CTA Training Specialists.

Each session will require the venue’s leadership team to work toward implementing strategies for continuous improvement and show learning outcomes specific to each unique venue. After each workshop is complete, the management team is provided with a comprehensive report, outlining key strategies that can be adopted and fostered. This can be prepared in house or implemented with the assistance of CTA, over a selected period.

The importance lies with the Duty Managers implementing change, taking ownership, and being empowered by senior management to make change happen. They are structured to encourage participants to implement solutions as part of their daily roles.

Delivered over 6 half day workshops, with a senior CTA facilitator delivering a hands-on approach with your managers, this program focuses on
• Emotional Intelligence
• Leadership and Management
• Customer Engagement
• Employee Management
• The Role of a Duty Manager, and
• Conflict Management

The Alexandra Headland Surf Club is thrilled with the progress their leadership team is making, letting us know of its great success as their Duty management team move through the dedicated modules; learning and growing in their roles and bringing new ideas to the table that will improve the day-to-day operations of their business now, and well into the future.

One of the Duty Managers, Amanda Payne, had this to say when Aaron visited earlier this month,

“We found the whole experience both individually and as a group very rewarding, by promoting both personal and team growth. Aaron was exceptional at covering workplace challenges due to having real world experience and an in depth theoretical knowledge. From this training I have found a better understanding of myself and my colleagues with a new outlook on leadership and can implant my learnings daily.”

If your venue is looking to underpin success through education for your leadership team with a tailored DM Development Program, get in touch with Aaron on [email protected] today and start future proofing your business today.