How You Can Manage Your Competency Card Online | RSA Online NSW

The Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) training is a requirement for all persons working in the liquor and gaming industry, as well as some parts of the entertainment industry. Because of its prevalence as a requirement, RSA NSW online training courses – as well as in-person courses – have been made available for persons interested in working in these sectors. Working in the liquor and gaming industry is as simple as completing a training course, receiving the certification, and then going out to seek work in the industry.

With CTA Training Specialists, students can get their certificate on the day they complete their qualification!

There is, of course, the matter of the actual competency card. The RSA/RCG (for Responsible Conduct of Gambling) competency card is issued to those who’ve completed an RSA and/or RCG training course/s, and serves as a proof that the holder has undergone the required training regarding the responsibilities of the industry they’re working in. The competency card comes in plastic form, and a digital version of the physical card can be downloaded onto the cardholder’s phone or mobile device for easy access and reference. The competency card has a validity of five years, after which the cardholder must redo their course training and get re-certified.

Given all of this, receiving the competency card opens up the question of managing it. What are the cardholder’s responsibilities regarding the card? Is there anything the cardholder must do with regards to the handling of their own card?

There are four key points that an RSA/RCG competency cardholder can do to manage their card:


All RSA/RCG competency cardholders can update their personal information through the CTA competency card self-service portal, which is web-based and can be accessed directly at no cost. Using the portal, the cardholder can edit information, such as the name of cardholder and the address of residence. However, any changes in information after the initial registration may require appropriate documentation.


Using the portal, RSA/RCG cardholders can request for the renewal of their competency card online. The request should be input into the portal with all the accurate information included, especially the renewal number. No card renewal will be issued without the renewal number; this information is provided through the competency card renewal email and SMS notifications, which the cardholder will receive upon completion of their refresher training.


In the case of card loss, damage, or renewal, RSA/RCG competency cardholders can request for a replacement card through the portal. The portal accepts requests for card replacements. There is no fee for the request process; however, there is a fee for the new card. This fee includes postal fees.


A privacy endorsement can be added to your competency card upon completion of the online privacy training course. This course requires only thirty minutes of your time and is an advantage to those who intend to work at the Kings Cross precinct and will be operating an ID scanner at high-risk venues. The training for the privacy course informs the trainee regarding Privacy Act 1988 compliance, which is intended for the protection of personal information recorded by an ID scanner in operation at any given venue.

These are the options available for competency card management. Every RSA/RCG competency cardholder should be aware of these management options for their own benefit, and also for the protection of their personal information. For more information on competency cards, feel free to visit the official government website for Liquor and Gaming NSW.