How to Qualify for a Food Safety Supervisor NSW Position

According to the NSW Food Act of 2003, there are particular food businesses in the retail foodservice and hospitality sector in New South Wales that requires at least one (1) FSS or Food Safety Supervisor NSW.


An FSS is a trained individual whose aim is to identify and prevent risks that are associated with handling food in a retail food business. They can also supervise and train other people in the workplace on safety practices in food handling. They play a crucial role in these industries because they help keep communities safe from foodborne illnesses. But for them to perform all these, they need to have a current – that is, no more than five years – Food Safety Supervisor certificate.


An FSS has to acquire units of competency from an approved Registered Training Organisation a or RTO under the national VET or Vocational Education Training system. Said units cover a number of topics including three main areas, such as sanitising and cleaning practices, allergen management, and proper egg handling.


The way to becoming a qualified Food Safety Supervisor NSW is easy if you are needing to be one.


Follow the steps below.

First of all, there are many different FSS courses out there, so you will need to see what food industry your business is in. Once you are aware of this, you can then match that industry with the FSS course units that you need to take.

Secondly, consider an FSS course that suits your preference. As you make this choice, keep in mind that you are looking for a training organisation with a good reputation and provides a nationally accredited and recognised course for your business sector.

Apart from being known nationwide, your preferred training organisation should meet the pre-requisites of your territory or state and cover the units of competency that you need.

Before you enroll in your chosen FSS course, you have to know how long it will be valid for. And once you have completed it, make sure that all compulsory course components, including practical components, have been completed as well.

As you become a recognised Food Safety Supervisor NSW, it’s a critical requirement that you are seen performing food safety practices. In some organisations, you will be given forms that you are required to ask someone you have presently or previously worked in the food handling business to complete regarding the tasks that they have seen you carry out.


Should you need to nominate yourself as your business’ Food Safety Supervisor, you can refer to particular pre-requisites in your territory or state through various references, including:

  •         Food Authority (New South Wales)
  •         Department of Health: Food Safety (Western Australia)
  •         Department of Health: Food Safety (Australian Capital Territory)
  •         Department of Health & Human Services: Food Safety (Tasmania)
  •         Department of Health: Food Safety (Northern Territory)
  •         Department of Health: Food Safety (Queensland)
  •         Department of Health: Food Safety (Victoria)
  •         Department of Health: Food Safety (South Australia)


Finally, you may need to renew your Food Safety Supervisor qualification every five years, depending on the territory or state in which you live.


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