How school based traineeships can benefit your venue

It’s no secret that the hospitality industry is facing a number of challenges, including high staff turnover, skill shortages, and the need to maintain a positive brand image. 
Fortunately, there is a cost-effective, innovative solution that considerably reduces risk for venues and delivers on great staff and skills for the future. A School Based Traineeship program is your answer to providing a gold mine of potential employees who are genuinely keen to learn and excel in their role as a hospitality employee.  Club Training Australia partners with venues and local high schools to deliver this program effectively.
School-Based Traineeship programs allow high school students to gain the qualifications and experience they need to succeed in the hospitality industry. Students receive on-the-job training and academic instruction, and they are paid for their work. This provides them with a valuable opportunity to learn the skills they need to get a good job, and it also helps hospitality businesses to find and retain qualified employees.

The State Government also provides significant incentives to pay for the training that students receive.  Additional benefits for venues include the opportunity to mould new staff from the ground up, improve the culture of your venue and roster trainees as they grow in confidence around peak service periods as well as becoming part of a recurring cost-effective recruitment drive that helps maintain the succession plan of the venue.

To ensure venues enjoy the maximum benefits of this program, Club Training Australia can contextualise a program that suits your venue.  This allows for a more structured training plan that follows through with the development of the students’ education and the requirements of the venue from start to finish.

As part of the program, our trainers ensure that you are connected with students who possess the ideal qualities and drive to succeed through a detailed interview process and work with co-coordinators to guarantee a smooth delivery of the program with consistent monitoring of the students’ progress.

Club Training Australia has encountered incredible success with this program since 2012 with an 86 per cent completion rate of all students involved in the program and an average of four students per employer retained for ongoing work.

Cowboys Leagues Club are proud regional finalists in this year’s Queensland Training Awards, and with 10 school based trainees currently working with the venue, they are constantly impressed with the benefits and the calibre of students that come through the program. Many of them continue on working with the club, the traineeship being their introduction to a career in hospitality, branching out into more advanced roles within the venue.

To find out how the Club Training Australia School Based Traineeship program can benefit your venue, contact Courtney Stewart, anytime on email [email protected].