Homegrown Talent: Arana Leagues Club

Established in 2008 in collaboration with CTA Training Specialists and Ferny Grove State High School, Arana Leagues Club’s School-Based Trainee Program has become a cornerstone of their recruitment strategy. This highly successful initiative boasts a remarkable 96% completion rate, equipping over 300 students with valuable front-of-house skills for a smooth transition into the workforce.

Joanna Craig, Human Resources Manager at Arana Leagues Club, emphasises the program’s significance: “We take immense pride in our School-Based Trainee Program. It has garnered significant recognition within the local community and plays a vital role in attracting and retaining top talent.”

The program offers a unique extended interview period for the Club. Spanned over 12 months, it provides a comprehensive evaluation of each trainee’s work ethic, teamwork, reliability, and customer service aptitude. This in-depth assessment has resulted in a remarkable statistic – a staggering 68% of the Club’s current front-of-house staff are either current or former trainees.

Furthermore, the program extends beyond immediate operational needs, fostering a robust leadership pipeline. Former trainees now hold various leadership positions within the Club, including Duty Managers, Restaurant Managers, Senior Gaming Hosts, and roles in Finance, Compliance, Community Engagement, and Team Leadership.


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“Promoting from within has proven to be an invaluable strategy,” states Ms. Craig.

“The program has not only shielded us from a challenging employment landscape, but also fostered a positive organisational culture and ensured the continuation of Arana Leagues Club’s renowned customer service excellence.”

The program’s popularity is further underscored by the recent information night that attracted over 120 enthusiastic potential candidates.

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