Growing Emotional Intelligence in Manufacturing

Specialised Laminators Queensland (SLQ) are on a mission to provide a great personal development journey for their staff. 

Creating exceptional laminated products for both residential and commercial projects, they have worked with CTA Training Specialists and other specialist training providers to provide exceptional training and development for their team.

This bespoke training program, which was delivered over 2 days through a 4-month period, has encompassed an impressive range of topics and skills including, conflict management, emotional intelligence, LEAN processes and leading and managing.

Growing Emotional Intelligence in Manufacturing

SLQ team members Mark, Kelley and Dev

Growing Emotional Intelligence in Manufacturing

SLQ team members Sarah , Mark, Kelley and Dev

The training was delivered not only to members of the management team, but also a diverse range of employees across the business including their manufacturing team. 

We caught up with SLQ in their latest session on team building and got some great pictures of their training in action.

Growing Emotional Intelligence in Manufacturing

SLQ team members Dustin, Byron , Cath and Clarry

The customised training program was developed after CTA Training Specialists identified the specific topics that SLO management frlt would be beneficial for staff and their customers.

If you would like to discuss training requirements for your team, business or venue, please reach out to Aaron Bray General Manager of Training on 0447 464 333 for a chat to confirm your needs and provide you with the best possible solution or visit our website today!.

MAIN TOP IMAGE: SLQ team members Abi, Ian, John and Keith