Food Safety Supervisor Training to Become Mandatory Across Australia

On December 8, 2023 all food businesses in Australia will be required to have a trained Food Safety Supervisor on premises at any one time.

This new legislation – Standard 3.2.2A of the FSANZ administered Food Standards Code – follows an earlier roll-out across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and ACT which saw mandatory training for these states’ respective food business entities come into effect previously. Now Western Australia, South Australia Tasmania and Northern Territory must also meet this requirement as part of their obligations under Australian law.

What it takes to become a food safety supervisor in Australia

To have an efficient and compliant food safety program in Australia, individuals must become certified Food Safety Supervisors. Achieving this certification requires completing nationally recognised training on topics including the development of effective plans to reduce risks associated with food borne illnesses, proper implementation of control measures such as personal hygiene practices or temperature monitoring protocols for storing/handling foods effectively.

Once successfully completed and demonstrated competency is proven through a recognised course provider, passers will be qualified to provide comprehensive staff trainings that align with rigorous standards set by governing bodies- ensuring safe preparation & consumption across all industries nationwide!

By completing this training, Australians can ensure that their workplaces comply with national food safety regulations.

Industry specific food safety supervisor training

To ensure the highest level of food safety, CTA Training Specialists offers specialised training for each unique food service. This customisable approach to instruction ensures that supervisors gain a comprehensive understanding of their duties and are equipped with the necessary tools to keep kitchens and utensils safe from hazards in any venue, business, or processing plant.

We offer Food Safety Supervisor certification for the following industries and their respective Units of Competency:

Get ready to take your career in the food industry a step further by becoming certified as a Food Safety Supervisor!

This certification will not only certify you with handling and supervising safe practices, but also allows employers to have confidence that their operations are following adequate safety plans all year round. Plus, with December quickly approaching it is the perfect time for individuals wanting an advantage when job hunting or searching for new challenges. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity – get your Food Safety Supervisor Certification now!