Food safety certificate vs food handler certificate – what is the difference?

Food is critical since it gives us the energy we need throughout the day. This makes the role of food handlers as equally important, as they are responsible for handling the food items. Having a food safety certificate enables a food keeper to do so officially. But food handlers do not bear the responsibility alone as food handling is just as crucial. Keeping the food safe and well-handled is key to avoiding food poisoning and cross-contamination. Failure to do so would mean not only the end of your food business but no customers as well. The reputation of a food business depends on how serious the establishment is in keeping themselves away from lawsuits and their customers from illnesses that are food-borne.

Here are the two certificates that are required from food handlers.


Food Handling

The food handling certificate is designed to meet the legal requirement of the skills necessary to handle food. This is a legal requirement in Australia for the staff that prepares, handles, and serves food as a part of their work.

Food poisoning and salmonella are caused by food contamination. Saliva can carry a bacteria or viruses, so does dirty hands and strands of hair, which is why the food industry appreciates good personal hygiene. Courses on food handling are being offered to educate employees who work with food in working towards accreditation in food safety.

The course offered for food handling is an introduction to the food industry; it is also the minimum requirement needed for food safety training. The skills you have in training covers the basics, such as identifying the food safety hazards and personal hygiene.


Food Safety

Before acquiring a food safety certificate, the training in food safety is needed. Food safety training includes how to prevent food contamination and the correct hygiene procedures.

People are often confused about food safety and food handling. You would have to think about what you want to get out of your training. Getting a food handler certificate is about preparing, handling, and serving the food safely. It doesn’t include knowing how to supervise a business in food safety.

In food safety, however, the course will teach you not only the safest ways to prepare and handle the food but also the proper monitoring and safe maintenance of the practices in the food business.

If you want to get into the food business, you will need both the food handler certificate and food safety certificate. Food serves as the fuel of the body, as it works itself out into the world every day. People know that taking in good food means giving your body clean “fuel” to work efficiently on different tasks throughout the day. Thus, food safety was created. It is a responsibility that each handler must take, but it is an obligation that’s definitely worth the effort.

You can find out more about a food handler certificate for NSW (or food safety level 1 in other states) or a food safety certificate in NSW (or food safety supervisor course in other states) by visiting our website.